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We are a small firm of architects working in the Inner West of Sydney

Services: Commercial Services, Emergency Removal, Inspections, Monitoring, Site Decontamination, Small Clean-Ups, Custom Design Services, Fixture Installation, Repair Services, Balconies, Fencing & Gates, Stair...

Services: Carports, Extensions & Additions, Garages, New Home Plan, Commercial, Energy Rating Assessors, Extensions & Additions, Industrial, New Homes, Sustainable Design, Unit Development

Services: Carports, Extensions & Additions, Garages, New Home Plan

Top Drafting Services Near You

Renovations, home extensions, and other home improvement projects require professional drafting services to ensure an efficient finished product for your planned undertaking. 

Experts create designs using specialist software (like CAD) and abide to the Australian Standards.

In choosing an expert, one can opt for a single drafter or a whole team based on the preference and the scale of your project. 

Both of them are fine as long as they will meet your requirements. 

One way to check if they are fit for the work is through looking at their portfolio, previous works, and customer feedback. 

They will work with you on discussing each other’s ideas and doing a brief and preliminary design. 

A qualified draftsperson can also accomplish the assessment of the site, preparation of initial and final drawings to be reviewed by the local Council, liaison with a structural engineer and guide on processing building permits. 

They will provide a design that has a detailed and solid plan that will fit the overall look of your home while ensuring they are in line with the regulations. 

With that, getting their help is essential for construction needs to guarantee a harmonious and efficient workflow.

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