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How to Hire the Right Draftsman Near You

A drafting service includes drawing accurate plans or representations of houses, buildings, or objects for architectural or engineering purposes. The person providing the service is called a draftsman.

Hiring the right draftsman will help you create house plans or building plans that specify the correct dimensions and configurations of rooms and its features such as windows, doors, appliances, driveways, fencing, and roof type, among many others.

What are the qualifications of a draftsman?

The following draftsman courses and qualifications are needed to become successful as an electrical, mechanical, or architectural draftsman:

  • Certificate or Associate’s in Architectural Drafting, Civil Drafting, Electrical Drafting, Electronics Drafting, or Mechanical Drafting
  • Diploma and/or Advanced Diploma in Building Design
  • Certificate IV in Building Design
  • Strong computer literacy

Hiring a draftsman with more than one technical qualification is highly recommended to ensure the breath of knowledge, quality and safety of the drafting service.

What are the qualities of a good draftsman?

The following are desirable traits to look for in a draftsman based on the general tasks they will work on:

  • Project Management and Coordination
    The candidate must effectively and efficiently communicate to architects, surveyors, and construction managers regarding planning and organisation of work programs.
  • Time Management
    The candidate must be able to deliver tasks on time while still providing high-quality house designs, house plans, and other architectural drafting services.
  • Critical Thinking
    The candidate must be able to interpret and make good judgments regarding plans, codes of practice, and regulations for accurate and safe building and construction.

The Different Types of Drafting Services


Carport drafting is often built by a draftsman by using CAD or computer-aided design to build carport designs and models. CAD drafting services include CAD design, CAD drawing, and CAD conversions, among other CAD services.

Building a carport is a cost-effective solution to store and protect cars, trailers, and other types of vehicles. Additionally, a well-built carport may even be converted into an entertaining area for large home events.

A good AutoCAD draftsman can design various types of carports according to the design and material of the house for a seamless overall look.


Since most homes in Australia own at least one car, garage drafting services are available to easily build a garage at home. This service includes planning and designing floor plans according to the garage’s lot size, capacity, and facade, among other considerations.

A CAD drafter’s design services may also be needed to create the floor plan of various garage types such as a front-facing, side-facing, rear-facing, and a ground floor garage design.

Extensions & Additions

Planning home extensions and additions requires the right skills and knowledge as it involves various factors to be considered. It is highly recommended to hire a draftsman to ensure the correctness and safety of your project.

Hiring an expert draftsman will allow you to maximise your space, receive expert advice on how to make your plan more cost-effective and time-efficient, and build your extensions without the stress and hassle.

New Home Plan

A good draftsman will be able to meticulously draw and plan out all parts of the house plan. It should be able to show the whole floor plan including the doors and windows, interior and exterior elevations, roof plan, wall sections and electrical layout, and existing features such as trees in the lot, among many others.

Plotting out these specifics allows a good house or building designer to help utilise the lot effectively and determine if the property will fit in the lot. This will also help homeowners to plot future developments such as a deck, garden, and more.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Your Drafting Services

When looking to hire a local or commercial drafting service, a draftsman’s cost may vary depending on several factors. Here are three common factors that you should know.

Work hours

Draftsmen usually charge on a per hour basis. Therefore, if a plan takes longer to complete, costs will be higher. Additionally, the more complex the project, the more time a draftsman would have to spend working on it.

City or Location

Depending on where you live, your local draftsman will either have a higher or lower cost compared to those in other states. Different states have different hourly rates for drafting services. For example, drafting services will slightly cost more in Queensland and South Australia.

Draftsman’s skills

Drafting services include many specialisations, and each area will vary in cost depending on the level of skill and knowledge needed.

For example, mechanical drafting services or engineer drafting services require certain expertise on these matters. Therefore, only draftsmen who are knowledgeable and qualified for these services can undertake these kinds of projects.

Since both services use a different kind of expertise, costs for these specialisations will be different from each other, even if they were to work on a similar project. When looking for a reliable draftsman, do not base your choice on cost alone, rather, base it on the quality work and service of the draftsman.

To find the right draftsman to work on any of your architectural or engineering drafting requirements, post your drafting needs on HIREtrades.

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