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Whether it’s adding a new installation or maintaining existing services, only a licensed electrician is qualified to perform electrical work.

Irrespective of size your installation requires a competent, licenced electrician to work on all manner of electrical installations, repairs and maintenance.

Hiring a local electrician near you will help you to quickly resolve any electrical problems you may have in your home or business place.

Consider what qualifications your hired electrician must have before contracting for work.

  • Find an Electrician that carries a valid licence. 

    Choosing unlicensed electricians to accomplish even a simple electrical work, such as lighting installation, will risk prosecution and safety. Ensure that you carefully verify the credentials of your licenced electrician.

    Always check the details including the licence types and/or certificates to confirm validity.

    You may consult the regulatory body responsible for issuing licences to check the electrician’s qualifications.

  • Has a good track record.

    Check if your licensed local electrician has a good reputation. Is the electrician receiving positive reviews – online and offline – from previous clients?

    Ask recommendations from friends or neighbours to refer competent contractors. You may also seek information from the contractor itself. Ask relevant questions such as the type of electrical work they usually do.

  • Quickly resolves your concerns. 

    Expert electricians value urgency, especially when rectifying electrical problems. If your safety switch unexpectedly trips, can you expect your prospective electrician to promptly attend your home?

    This is specifically applicable to property owners needing an emergency electrician when the power is interrupted, the switchboard malfunctions or appliances need immediate repair.

    Choose a local electrician who prioritises your safety, cost and time requirements.

Note: Clarify licensing restrictions before hiring. In some states like Queensland, unlicensed tasks such as authorised testing of electrical equipment are allowable under the Electrical Safety Act 2002.

What Do Electricians Do?

Electricians are tradespeople who plan, install, and maintain electrical wiring systems across wide environments. A typical electrician does the following:
  • Plan appropriate layouts for electrical wires and wiring systems
  • Read electrical, architectural and mechanical diagrams or drawings
  • Install lighting, power outlets, ladder racks, circuit breaker, and emergency lighting
  • Test, repair and maintain electrical equipment
  • Connect electrical equipment and appliances
  • Install switchboards and motors, data cable, solar panels, and safety switches
With an enormous variety of electrical work to be undertaken, electricians’ daily life can never be the same.

Cost of Electrical Services

The scope of electrical services can vary from new installations (e.g. power point, security lighting, safety switch) to general repairs and electrical system maintenance (e.g. uninterruptible power supply, wiring systems).

When getting a quote for Electrical Work, always ask for itemised quotations and compare prices from different contractors to choose what suits your needs.

Electrical repair

A local electrician working on electrical repairs typically charges $75 to $125 per hour depending on the scope of the job.

The range of electrical work required along with buying replacement parts will determine the cost of repair.

For example, light fixtures that constantly flicker may need to be replaced, which adds to the cost.

Overloading power boards with multiple appliances plugged into the cord may result in power surges, risking safety and inconvenience.

Maintain regular monitoring to ensure your electrical systems are in good condition.

If you notice signs of electrical malfunction such as burnt odours, broken light switches or buzzing sounds from a power socket, hire a local electrician to do necessary repairs.

Solar panel installation

Solar installers charge around $3,000 to $15,000 for a complete installation.

Factors such as the quality of solar panels and components along with the complexity of the installation (i.e. working on sloping roofs) influence the cost.

Whether you’re planning to install a solar power system to your home or you need to replace a few solar panels that do not function properly, a qualified solar electrician can give recommendations as to what type to buy and install.

Have an electrician whose line of expertise aligns with solar panel installation to increase the possibility of high-quality work.

Light installation

Installing new light fixtures can cost about $75 to $135 per hour. Adding to your expenses is the type of lighting installed.

Whether you’re expanding your property or simply updating your lighting, your preferred type and style will affect pricing.

The place where you plan to install LED lights, task lights, downlights and wall sconces should be factored in the overall price.

Outdoor lighting is more likely to cost more than indoor lighting tasks due to more onerous cabling requirements.

Also, expect to pay more for installations that require working in confined spaces or dealing with access difficulties.

Note: Ensure that each product that you use is factory-approved and compliant with the Australian Standards and safety regulations. Find an electrician who adheres to regulatory requirements and authorities responsible for safe installations.

Things that Determine the Cost of Electrical Jobs

There are numerous variables to consider when determining how much an electrician or electrical contractor will price the job. You should know the following factors below before you even get a quote for electrical work.

Electrical components

Whether your electrician is tasked to fix a damaged appliance or install double power points, the materials and components that will be used to accomplish the job can impact the electrical service cost.

If you need to rewire your home, consider the number of components such as light switches and fixtures which may considerably add to your expenses.

The actual installation and wall repairs will incur higher fees.

Scope of work

The size of the job comes into play when calculating how much you will be charged.

Calling a local electrician to work on setting up a home entertainment system might cost less than installing home automation.

Multiple visits will also attract increased costs in service call-outs and labour.

To help reduce your expenses, try to gather all electrical tasks in one visit to maximise the availability of your electrician.

After-hours service

24/7 emergency electricians are more likely to charge more for after-hours electrical services.

Expect larger costs if your hired tradie will be coming from a distant suburb or metropolitan area.

To help you save money on large call-out fees, consider identifying the possible signs of electrical problems and hire a qualified electrician to address your needs within the normal business hours.

Other considerations include the type of roof and walls that you have and associated electrical work difficulties.

Before entering into contracts, define your project requirements and find the best local electrician available. Whether you need a residential or commercial electrician, HIREtrades provides up to three free quotes from local tradies.

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