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Renovations can be costly if they are not planned well. When renovating your home, it is imperative to engage top renovation electrical services. Same as plumbing, the wiring of a house is deeply embedded within its structure. 

Any errors committed during the restoration process will be expensive and time consuming to correct. An old wire can become dilapidated and that could be extremely dangerous.

Malfunction in wiring is a hazard. So it is vital that electric works are completed to the highest possible standard. Some homeowners want to save as much money as possible however DIY is not an option. 

It is highly recommended to hire an expert for this job. It is dangerous to leave the job to unlicensed. Here are some safe jobs that can be done by homeowners:

  • installing garden lights or pond pumps

  • installing battery powered lighting and smoke detectors

  • replacing light bulbs, switches or power outlet covers

  • cutting the openings for portable air conditioners or fitting wall ovens, without any wires involved

  • changing fuses but should not involve replacement of a new circuit breaker

The law specifies that only licensed electricians carry out the critical task such as:

  • manufacturing, testing, or installing of any wired equipment, fixtures, switches, and socket outlets

  • repair, maintenance, removal, or alteration of those products, as well as their replacement

  • special emphasis is also given when renovating the bathroom and kitchen because of the proximity of water and electricity

Professional Renovation Electrical Service Contractors

Laws and restrictions were put in place to ensure that everything is done correctly and efficiently for the safety and well-being of everyone in the community including the tradesmen performing the job.

Major risks:

  • unlicensed work can pose great dangers and could lead to fires or deaths if not properly undertaken

  • non-compliant works are subject to fines and penalties

  • any fault can cause appliance and other failures which are very expensive and time consuming to repair

  • many insurance companies require proof that renovations were done legally

Before engaging professional electricians, review their work history. Ask family, neighbours and friends for recommendations. Make sure that they carry the appropriate licence and relevant insurance for the job. 

Together, take time to plan and discuss the design including your requirements and preferences. This will ensure safety and avoid unnecessary expenses. 

With a vast range of professional renovation electrical service contractors, high quality works which are fully compliant with Australian Standards bring safety and peace of mind of the community.

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