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electrical rewiring

Whether in the process of renovating a home or dealing with a recent purchase of an old property, a house rewiring service is required. This task is often overlooked because wires are usually out of sight and is not considered a top priority unless an obvious problem occurs. It is critical that electrical wiring is up-to-date and compliant with Australian regulations.

This is to ensure safety and prevention of electric hazards such as fires and shocks. It is critical to pay attention to older homes since they usually have one circuit for all power outlets which can be potentially dangerous. There is a higher chance that the wiring system is outdated and may have been installed incorrectly. Certain situations call for wire replacement.

It is time to rewire if any of the following is observed:

  • The house is fitted with single insulated wire set and with Indian rubber cables.
  • The safety switch trips more often.
  • Sockets are overheating.
  • The home was built during the 1970s or earlier.

To ensure safety, engage top electrical rewiring services . While undergoing the process, be prepared to live with a few disturbances such as:

  • Messy and dusty environment
  • Carpets and floorboards will be tossed around
  • Ceilings and walls will be ripped off
  • The process may take 3 to 10 days

Professional Electrical Rewiring Contractors

The cost of rewiring homes will depend on several major considerations. First, the fees for the electrician and the complexity of the electrical works required as well as other details such as type of material and finishes of light fixtures to be used. Brass or stainless steel sockets cost more than standard white fittings.

Generally, for existing homes with plaster on walls and ceilings the price quoted per socket costs more when compared to newly built homes. Copper wires are expensive so expect the price to go higher for larger homes with more power outlets. The average cost of wiring again light fixture, switch and outlet ranges from $65 to $120 while the cost for a medium-sized home starts at around $3500 and as much as double the price for bigger houses.

Other odd jobs involved such as for bathroom fans, showers, pumps, shaver power points, alarm systems, TV and other appliance sockets will also add to the total cost. Upon completion of the electrical works, an inspection is required and corresponding fees have to be paid. The inspector will conduct an evaluation; the result is either a pass or a fail. This is a significant investment hence it is necessary to engage a reputable, licensed electrician to guarantee the job is done correctly and safely. When hiring services, make sure the whole job is quoted and detailed.

And keep all relevant documents for future reference. Through professional electrical rewiring contractors experts give perfect advice and satisfying projects to achieve your utmost convenience. Experts guarantee that your requirements meet the financial plan towards high quality results.

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