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Adelaide Electricians

Adelaide Electricians

Electrical Services Adelaide

Some electrical fix can be DIY-ed while some need a touch of an expert. While it is always advisable to hire the nearest Electrician for every one of them, it is vital to know what major services an Electrician can provide and why each service must be done by them.

Electrical Wirings Installation

What: One of the most common types of Electrical jobs. This is a basic wiring set up for an establishment both commercial and residential

Why: This should only be done by experts to make sure no faulty wires or any related issue may occur in the future. Thus, initial electrical installation is always necessary. Electrical installations can be classified into different types of components such as:

  • General wiring connections 
  • Safety light switches 
  • Electrical power point installations
  • Electrical systems for heating and air-conditioning systems

Pro Tip: Have your Electrician show you where the switches are inside the breakers - this may be beneficial especially when changing light bulbs and other related matters.

Electrical Repair and Re-wiring Services

What: Short-circuits, loose or stripped wirings, broken lights, and non-working switches are the usual suspects of this. This job is usually brought by emergencies and unexpected electrical problems.

Why: DIY works are not advisable as it can only worsen the problem or can even hurt someone. Only licensed electricians are trained to assess and restore faulty wirings to either make them work again or replace them with a functional system.

Pro Tip: Save a directory of Electricians near you so you can contact them immediately when times of Emergencies.

Home Entertainment & Home Automation Services

What: Installation works of home entertainment and automation systems such as a sophisticated indoor system, like safety alarms, home automation, and theaters.

Why: Some appliances or electrical systems at home require a complex wiring installation - professional Electricians must step in to eliminate any unwanted damages.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind the voltage requirement of each appliance. An incorrect voltage outlet connection may cause failure or breakdown of an appliance.

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How Much Do Adelaide Electricians Charge? (2020 Price Ranges)

Since there are a number of electricians operating in Adelaide, it is important to know the price range of different Electrical Services to prevent any deceptive charges out there.

Hiring an Electrician for a General Works

  • $75 to $125 per hour

Prices vary depending on the size of electrical jobs and the nature of the installation, repair or maintenance works. Read more here:

Data Cable Installation

  • $65 to $95 per hour (labour)

Prices vary depending on the size of your home, type of cable installed, number of sockets required and the manner of installation. Read more here:

Powerpoint Installation Cost

  • $84 to $132 per hour

Most electricians charge per hour to install power points. Read more here:

To see more Pricing Guides of different Electrical Services, click here:


How to Choose the Best Electrician in Adelaide, SA?

Hiring a licensed electrician may be necessary in cases where electrical problems seem to pose safety hazards at home or even at work.

And although the service pricing is usually the first thing we consider, hiring a competent, reliable electrician should also be a priority.

To narrow down your options, here are the top you have to look for in hiring an electrician.

Licensed to Operate

To ensure your safety, above all else, make sure to hire an electrician with a valid license issued by your city or state. 

Experienced and Skilled

Experience and skills must speak louder than words.

Professional and Reliable

Electricians who are considerate of a customer’s needs should be a likely target.

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