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Top Electricians in Adelaide, SA

Loose wirings, circuit overload, and light switches not working properly? If you have any type of electrical problem, contact the nearest certified electrician Adelaide to fix your faulty electrical system.

It is always best to be on the safe side and allow licensed electricians to do your electrical works. In making sure that you are getting the best services during electrical emergencies, this article will provide information on:

  • Different types of Electricians
  • What are the types of services offered by Electricians?
  • What are the factors that may affect the cost of your Electrician project/job?
  • What are the Qualifications and Qualities to look out for when hiring an Electrician Adelaide?
  • What are the most common Electrical Problems that happen at home?


Different Types of Electricians


Electrical services do not only refer to wiring installations in personal and commercial properties, it also includes repair and maintenance jobs of electrical wirings and transmissions.

Whatever your electrical issue may be, there will be an available electrician Adelaide for your electrical needs. Below are the most common electricians in the market:

Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians specialize in electrical works involving commercial buildings like business establishments, offices, and schools. They usually work on more comprehensive tasks related to the installation and maintenance of electrical systems in much bigger building structures.

The complexity of electrical jobs performed by commercial electricians includes, but are not limited to:

  • Planning and understanding diagrams on electrical systems
  • Interpreting and evaluating building structure including piping and tubing
  • Install conduits and electrical wirings
  • Assess building structure to make sure the job is in accordance with specific electrical codes
  • Wiring of instruments for power source, lighting and heating systems for buildings

Every commercial establishment will need electricity to function and operate. Therefore, all commercial properties would require services from commercial electricians to jumpstart their operations.

Domestic / Residential Electricians

Residential electricians, unlike commercial electricians, are generally hired for home electrical services. This includes planning, wire installations and repairs, and the overall maintenance works.

Most electricians working on home constructions would assist clients in layouts and electrical designs. Much like commercial electricians, residential electricians Adelaide work on either indoor or outdoor electrical systems.

Most of their works, which includes installation of safety-switches, rewiring, power-points, and home-entertainment-system, are mostly done indoors. Outdoor jobs are usually applicable in solar-panel and security-lighting installations.

If you notice any kind of electrical issues at home, it would be best to contract services from residential electricians to make sure your household is always safe for your family.

Construction Electricians

Construction electricians perform broader works on electrical systems of buildings while they are being built. They are more focused on the installation of all electrical components in construction sites, which involves lighting, switches, circuit breakers, smoke detection and air-conditioning units. 

They are not only responsible for the installation works but can also offer professional services for planning and interpreting technical electrical layouts for newly-constructed buildings.

Their services are usually contracted by businesses or residential owners during the initial construction process. 

Construction electricians are well-versed in the necessary electrical standards and regulations in Australia. They will be beneficial in making sure that the electrical aspect of your construction project is in accordance with your local electrical safety codes.

Specialist Electricians

Not all electrical problems are the same. Minor light switch issues differ in complexity compared to circuit overloads or brand new wiring connections.

Although most electricians have basic knowledge of electrical wirings, not every one of them can deal with isolated issues involving electrical components.

Specialist electricians are tradies who deals with a more specific, specialized field in electrical works. The most common in the market are specialist electricians who deal with fiber-optic cabling services and solar panel installations for commercial and residential properties.

So if you have a specific electrical problem going on at your household or business, be sure to contact the nearest Adelaide electrician to get the most competent tradesmen in the area.

Emergency / On-Call Electricians

Emergency or on-call electricians are those that are available 24/7, one phone call away. It also applies to freelance electricians who operate on flexible working hours to make them easily accessible for their clients anytime, anywhere.

Emergency electricians take pride not only in their flexibility when it comes to electrical services but also in their timing availability.

Although there are a lot of readily available electricians that you can count on during the day, it is quite challenging to get your electrical emergencies during wee hours, attended to.

Whatever your issues are with your electrical systems, they can be expected to provide electrical solutions on a 24-hour basis.


What are the types of services offered by Electricians?


As most electricians function similarly, being familiar with the types of services your local electrician offers will give you an idea of who to call whenever you experience the same electrical issue. 

Before hiring an Adelaide-based electrician that can fix your faulty electrical systems at home or at work, it is important to know the most common services that electricians offer. 

Electrical Wirings Installation

Electrical wiring installation is one of the most common types of electrical service that your local electricians are usually hired for. Any building, residential or commercial, needs to be powered up by electricity even during the early stages of construction.

Thus, initial electrical installation is always necessary. Electrical installations can be classified into different types of components such as:

  • General wiring connections 
  • Safety light switches 
  • Electrical power point installations
  • Electrical systems for heating and air-conditioning systems

From the simplest to the most complex electrical installation necessary for your residential or business unit, you must contact a licensed electrician to perform the services.

Electrical Repair and Re-wiring Services

When we have minor issues with our household appliances or our electrical system, we usually would consider fixing it ourselves. While most household hacks work, in cases of electrical emergencies, DIY works are not advisable.

Short-circuits, loose or stripped wirings, broken lights, and non-working switches are just a few of the usual electrical problems that we encounter.

These instances, however simple they may seem, should always be dealt with and done by a professional electrician in your area. Licensed electricians are trained to assess and restore faulty wirings to either make them work again or replace them with a functional system.

Home Entertainment & Home Automation Services

Electricians are not only important for repair and maintenance of electrical wirings but are also the usual go-to guy for installation works of home entertainment and automation systems.

Households with a more sophisticated indoor system, like safety alarms, home automation, and theaters, will usually require electricity to function.

Before anyone can enjoy their entertainment systems, it needs an expert to connect cables and wires from the TV to the components to surround-sound speakers.

As most home automation and home entertainment installations are done by electricians who specialize in them, make sure that you will be hiring electrical services from electricians who know their way around the system.


What are the factors that may affect the cost of your Electrician project/job?

Since there are a number of electricians operating in Adelaide, it is important to consider the factors that may affect the cost of hiring a licensed electrician for your electrical services. 

Service costs for electrical works are usually impacted by a lot of factors, and the most common of them are:

  • Materials – Just like most professional services, electrical jobs are usually priced primarily based on the materials that will be utilized in completing the project. Aside from the manpower services, electrical works are calculated based on the volume and type of materials.

    Hiring an electrician in Adelaide to repair minor defects in household wirings will have a different pricing quote than those that require new wiring installations. Repairs and maintenance may not usually require new wirings and electrical components, and if so, only minimal.

    So you might want to discuss with your local service electrician first the materials needed to complete your intended electrical job to anticipate the cost of the entire work.

  • Job size – Aside from the initial materials, such as wires, cables, lighting fixtures, connectors, etc., the size of the building or unit to be worked on also impacts the overall cost of the electrical job. 

    Bigger buildings, such as commercial industries or residential buildings, will require a longer timeline for the work completed. Since longer and bigger electrical works will take more time, costs that will be incurred will also be higher.

    In anticipation of a possibly higher quote, consult your preferred electrician for feasible options to shorten the timeline of the electrical work and probably lessen the value of the job.

  • Area and Location – Electricians that will be taking on jobs in an area that may be farther from their location will likely add to cost calculations the additional utility costs such as car fuel and miscellaneous fees. 

    Electrical installations that will be done in remote areas, or those places that are not readily accessible, will be higher in costs due to the possible increase in labor and manpower to complete the job.

    Hiring a licensed electrician near you will greatly affect the pricing of your electrical service and will probably be a more cost-effective option than acquiring services from more expensive electricians outside your city.

  • Emergency Calls – There could be instances where an electrical emergency needs to dealt with immediately. On-call electricians may be available at your service even after past working hours, but will definitely ask for higher service fees.

    Since emergency calls for electrical solutions are considered special requests, the costing is expected to be higher than rates quoted for normal business hours.

What are the Qualifications and Qualities to look out for when hiring an Electrician in Adelaide?

Hiring a licensed electrician may be necessary in cases where electrical problems seem to pose safety hazards at home or even at work.

And although the service pricing is usually the first thing we consider, hiring a competent, reliable electrician should also be a priority.

To narrow down your options, here are the top you have to look for in hiring an electrician.

Licensed to Operate

As electrical works are considered to be risky, not anyone can and is allowed to perform the job. No one is advised to improvise and search for YouTube hacks on how to fix their faulty wirings at home.

Australia has specific regulations and requirements for anyone or any company involved in electrical works. Electrician works are only limited and restricted to the professional, licensed electricians Adelaide and in the country.

Each state in Australia has its own system of registration for licensed electricians. In South Australia, anyone who has the intent to operate in electrical services must possess a worker’s registration as proof that they have been assessed as per their city’s safety code for electrical works.

To ensure your safety, above all else, make sure to hire an electrician with a valid license issued by your city or state. Clarify and evaluate their license to operate and perform electrical works before committing to hire their services. 

The license will be your assurance that you are getting services from the right tradesman for your electrical issue. It will also ensure that your hired electrician has the skill and is competent enough to perform your required job, in compliance with electrical safety regulations.

Experienced and Skilled

Sometimes, the price associated with the services offered by contractors will be outweighed by their reputation and professional experience. In certain cases, consumers are likely to opt paying for a higher cost for service contractor that has a remarkable track record.

The same applies to hiring a service electrician. Since most of the electrical repairs, installations and maintenance works are done indoor in households, the extent of the family’s safety and security lies in the integrity of the electrician’s works. 

Most electrician may present themselves to their clients as being the best in the market, but their clientele and customer reviews will always speak the truth. You would not want to put your safety in the hands of unreliable service providers.

Therefore, in seeking for electrician services in Adelaide, make sure you do proper research and ask these sample questions to evaluate which electrician should you go for.

  • How long have they been doing electrical works in Adelaide? 
  • Are all of their electricians trained and licensed?
  • Are they competent enough in determining common electrical issues in Adelaide households?
  • Do they have good ratings from their clients?
  • How extensive is their experience profile?
  • How many customers do they have in your area?

Professional and Reliable

As most electricians perform electrical works indoor in households, they are required to interact with the homeowners and the family members. Among others, it is also important to secure a service electrician that provides A-level service in a highly professional manner.

Since electrical services are mostly involving technical works, some electricians are commonly adopting the technical nature of the work as well. However, it is necessary to acquire service from a company or from someone who values good communication and excellent customer service as well.

It greatly helps to have an electrician that readily provides insights and suggestions to uncomplicated the job at hand. Professional electricians with initiative and good judgment can easily be in the market for new clients’ referrals.

Other than the ability to conduct their electrical service obligation for their clients with the highest level of professionalism, electricians who are considerate of a customer’s needs should be a likely target. 

Whenever you will be faced with electrical emergencies, electricians who have a sense of urgency will never fail to address your concern.

Although emergency electricians are supposedly available 24/7, an electrician who readily pulls through your urgent need will be someone to consider for future electrical needs


What are the most common Electrical Problems that happen at home?

We might be quite familiar with the usual electrical problems that we encounter within our households since some of them may happen every once in a while. However, there may be some other electrical issues we are not aware of. 

So that we can look out for any possible electrical risks at home, here are the most common household electrical problems:

  • Electrical Surges– In places where weather can be erratic, constant lightning strikes may affect power surges in electrical lines.</>

    Although electrical surges are not initially noticeable, the frequency of it happening may eventually cause damage to electrical wirings causing for them to malfunction.

  • Light switches not working – This is a common problem either in newly constructed buildings or in relatively older housing structures.

    New wiring installations can potentially be faulty unless properly tested and conditioned. While old residential buildings will have deteriorating wirings and circuits that will disable power points or switches. 

  • Circuit Overload – This is probably what we commonly hear from our local electrician.

    This is usually caused by not having enough power points installed in houses or buildings, and commonly happens when multiple household appliances are electrically connected to a single circuit.

  • Electrical Shocks Although minor electrical shocks are not entirely harmful, there is still a risk for a major electrical shock which can be dangerous.

    This normally happens when there is potential damage in the wirings or the home appliance itself. Whatever it may be, it is best to consult an electrician to avoid any further electrical mishaps.

  • Circuit breaker tripping Circuit breakers are put in place to regulate the flow of electrical current, as a means of safety measure.

    Home appliances like microwaves can easily trip circuit breakers due to its high wattage. Make sure to adjust or separate appliances and not to simultaneously use high wattage appliances in a single circuit to avoid tripping and overload.

Whatever issues or problems related to the electrical system of your house or business, do not try to self-evaluate and fix the problem on your own. Consult the nearest available Adelaide electrician in Adelaide and near your area to offer you all types of electrical services.  

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