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Electricity powers up homes, businesses and communities. However, electrical faults or emergencies can take place when you least expect it and may even be life threatening at times. By having the best electrical safety switch cuts off the power before any serious damage or injury can be done. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported there are 15 Australians who die from avoidable accidents every year.

Additionally, 300 individuals are hospitalised suffering from serious burns and injuries due to electrocution. There is a government regulation about the installation of disconnect switches in houses however only 65% of Australian households have had the disconnect switch installed in their homes. There are still a significant number of homeowners who are vulnerable to the dangers of electric shocks. Consultations with top service providers about installation in your property as a preventive measure is recommended.

Remember that only registered individuals can carry out electrical jobs. Unlicensed works are illegal and extremely dangerous. Engage qualified and reputable electricians to ensure that installation and maintenance is done correctly and efficiently.

Professional Safety Light Switch Maintenance Services

Safety switches, also referred to as a Residual Current Device (RCD) is responsible for halting the flow of electricity from the source to the circuit in 0.03 seconds if a leakage is detected. This split of a second could mean life and death for someone. Installations of such devices are worthwhile investments as they provide protection from serious injury and death. It guards against over current, short circuits, damage from heat, and circuit overloads. It detects issues right away then cuts the power instantly, protecting individuals from electrocution.

A single RCD may not be sufficient for one household. Ideally, it is best if each circuit point in the property is protected by a RCD. Installing safety switches for lights and powerpoints in new homes is mandatory in Australia. Houses built before the implementation of these regulations are subject to the legislation of their respective states. Installation may not come cheap but it is a necessary investment to keep lives and properties safe from dangerous electrical faults and emergencies.

Engaging professional safety light switch maintenance services is a requirement. Before choosing an installer, gather at least 3 quotes. Some electricians charge an hourly rate. It is practical to have the whole job quoted and detailed. Select the bid that is most suitable to your budget and specifications. Upon completion of works, a Certificate of Compliance must be issued to the customer.

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