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Security lights play a vital role in protecting households and businesses from vandalism, burglary and other criminal activities. It prevents unauthorised entry of intruders to homes by providing luminance to dark areas. 

A well-lit house is less appealing to burglars hence it reduces the risk of break-ins to the property. It also improves your landscaping and other exterior architectural designs. It is a home improvement worth investing in.

For best results, engage professional security light installation services. Choose from the different kinds of lighting such as:

  • Dusk-to-Dawn. This is one of the oldest, logical systems and is based on the assumption that a burglar is less likely to break into a house that is brightly lit. However, energy costs and bulb replacements would have to be considered. To minimise electricity bills, use compact fluorescent lamps. Energy-saving LED bulbs are recommended. Another option is to put photocell controls. This automatically turns the lights on as it gets dark and off when daylight returns.

  • Floodlights. These are the most commonly used type. They are popular because they can strongly brighten up large areas. Specific examples are halogen (better in terms of brightness but consumes more energy than the others) and solar-powered (a more environment-friendly option that works the same way). Its power supply does not come from an electrical outlet but from the sun and thus reduces your electricity bills. It is dependent on sunlight to function properly. This can also be modified by having sensor lights placed on all sides of the perimeter.

  • Timer. This is ideally used when owners are away for long periods of time or when they go on a holiday. Timers can be placed in several rooms and programmed to switch on at different times to make it appear like someone is home. This method is cost-efficient and convenient.

Best Motion Sensor Lights

To avoid spending too much on monthly electricity bills, a practical and cost-effective solution is by having the best motion sensor lights. Unlike other options, they do not have to be switched on the whole night. 

They are automatically activated when the sensors detect movement. They are best placed at entrances, backyards and swimming pool areas. For optimum efficiency and performance, make sure they are not directly exposed to the elements. 

Select the most suitable lighting solution to match your budget and requirements. Remember that engaging licensed electricians for electrical works are mandatory. They should carry proper licenses and relevant insurances for the job. 

Through a wide list of professional contractors, it is guaranteed to have high-quality works that are fully compliant with Australian Standards for your protection and convenience. The service is absolutely hassle-free solution.

Households are confident that they have peace of mind during the day and comfortable sleep during the night.

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