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solar panel installation

Switching to a sustainable energy source can be daunting at first. Before proceeding with a service, gathering information is necessary in order to be prepared for the selection and installation process.

This will ensure that the best option for your budget and requirements is considered prior to purchase the system. More and more Australian homes have converted into having a solar photovoltaic (PV) system due to the rise in electricity running costs.

In fact, over 1.5 million panels were reportedly installed in 2016 Australia wide. The mechanism works by converting direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) from an inverter. Modules make up its mounting frame.

Take the time to know more about each kind of unit before making an investment. To ensure satisfactory results, engage professional solar panel installation services.

Choosing the best product is a very practical option, cost-effective and energy-saving solution for continuous supply for the households.

Best Solar Power Systems

Some of the major kinds to choose from include:

  • Grid-connected. This is the most commonly used unit. It basically works by transforming electricity into AC and making it compatible with the grid. Homeowners initially use power from the panels and only revert to using the electricity grid once the solar energy has been used up.

  • Battery-backed grid-connect (also known as hybrid PV system or uninterrupted power supply). Many opt for this as an alternative due to its ability to store energy which can be used at night after saving it during the day. It is also useful during power outages.

  • Stand-alone. This is essential in areas that have no access to the electrical grid thus they are supported by batteries to function even during night time.

Different regulations apply for each type. For instance, all of them have to be accredited by the Clean Energy Council whereas the battery-backed ones must have an endorsement.

It is recommended by Australia’s Clean Energy Council to choose reliable retailers that carry Approval Solar Retailer certification. Engaging proper services ensure that a 5-year full warranty on the systems will be provided.

The delivery of quality services and products is guaranteed. Accredited designer and authorised installer is also a must. It is also necessary to find out the corresponding electricity tariff for your local area prior to finalisation and signing of the contract.

With a wide list of experts and best solar power systems, having high-quality products and services, safety and utmost convenience for the households are guaranteed.

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