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An electrical switchboard, also known as switch box, plays a crucial role in protecting your home wiring system. It contains all the important safety switches (RCDs), circuit breakers (MCBs) or fuses. It serves as the central point from which all of the circuits in the house are arranged and connected to the electricity meter.

Every homeowner must make sure that it is securely functioning at all times. Special attention must be given to older homes since there is a higher chance that they still use outdated, rewireable fuses made from ceramic. This can be dangerous and might not be compliant with current standards. Note that it is necessary to consult with licensed electricians. Engage professional electrical switchboard installation services to guarantee high quality services, safety and compliance with Australian Standards.

Here are some scenarios that call for immediate attention:

  • If it is wired with larger density fuse-wires compared to what a standard cable can carry, it can potentially catch fire.

  • If any wire sticks out of the fuse holder, this can pose a major electric shock hazard.

  • If the cable insulation melts due to the wrong size of fuse used, this can also cause fires.

  • If the terminals are loose, it can recreate a hot spot which can lead to burnout.

Electrical Switchboard Upgrades

It is advisable that labels be used to distinguish correct circuit assignment. Also, a rechargeable torch nearby will help owners locate any tripped breakers in the event of power outages. Remember that it is best to consult with specialists. They can offer recommendations with regard to the requirements and attend to emergency power outage issues. Consider the best electrical swithboard upgrades if any of the abovementioned situations are observed.

This offers several advantages such as:

  • Safety. Outdated switchboxes are highly prone to short circuits. Whereas the latest ones are made with safer features to protect owners from electrical risks. Its safety switch (RCD) automatically shuts down the main power once it detects a slightest hint of leakage to earth.

  • Cost. A new switchboard fuse box may cost around $700-$800. Other tasks and requirements could bring the price up to $2,000-$3,000 and if rewiring is required for the whole property then this might amount to more than $5,000. It is mandatory for licensed electricians to upgrade the entire wiring system of the home to Australian Standard AS300 and doing so will entail more costs.

  • Comfortable lifestyle. Several years ago, your household was not loaded with many appliances. A heater, refrigerator, oven, and TV are common items in Australian households. Due to technological advancements, devices for better living such as computers, coolers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, home theatres, stereos, fitness equipment and other components are commonly found in homes. These all require increased energy supply that your existing wiring system may not be able to meet.

  • Convenience. With the larger number of appliances and equipment in your home, expect to experience frequent interruptions if your house has an older board. To avoid the inconvenience of power issues, seriously consider upgrading for your safety and comfort.

  • More options. With a new switchboard, owners can decide to cut down or add more power points. This should be considered especially when planning to purchase more appliances in the future.

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