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electrical testing

Preventable accidents can only be avoided with preparedness and regular inspection. Most cases of electrocutions and fires were caused by defects in wiring, faulty appliances and equipment including neglected electrical systems. 

To effectively prevent these emergencies from happening, it is an efficient way to subject homes, infrastructures and establishments to the best testing and tagging services. It should also be stressed that engaging only licensed, qualified contractors is mandatory for this sensitive and hazardous type of service. 

Test and tag processes are conducted through a visual examination of electrical appliances and equipment to verify whether they are safe to use in compliance with AS/NZS 3760. Items are checked for damage or missing parts. 

Some only take minutes to test while others may take several tests before it is deemed safe for use. Their polarities, insulation and earth continuity levels are also measured.

The main purpose of this process is to protect residents, businesses and communities from electrical faults that could lead to serious injuries, damage to properties and even death.

Electrical Testing Services

Several factors affect the final test and tag cost such as the number of items involved, test equipment and tags, reporting and labour. Double insulated electrical equipment and appliances should be tested and tagged. 

And while new items may not require testing, they still need to be tagged to be compliant with AS/NZS 3760. Regulations for testing of second-hand items vary for each state. This information can be verified through

To get an accurate price, get a detailed and complete quote of the job. Get several quotes and choose the most suitable bid. Select reputable service providers with a good work history in your area. 

Find out if previous customers were satisfied with their performance and confirm if they offer a warranty. After testing and tagging, control measures must be accomplished.

This consists of frequent review and visual checks, replacement, repair, upkeep, and utilisation of residual current devices (RCD). This task should be carried out by qualified professionals with the appropriate licences, certifications and experience in electrical testing. 

Ask for recommendations and seek skilled tradesmen. Make sure that they have the relevant insurances for the job. There are serious electrical hazards involved so it is necessary to ensure that works and equipment comply with the Australian Standards and Code of Practice. 

Through a wide list of professional electrical testing services, experts deliver high quality, safety compliant jobs for your safety and peace of mind.

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