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Top Electricians in cranbourne east, VIC

Professional Electricians in Cranbourne

Professional Electricians in Cranbourne

    How to choose an electrician in Cranbourne?

    An electrician’s job is in nature to be complex and dangerous. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to take sufficient time to research different electricians before hiring one. In your research, the factors that you must consider are the following:

    • Look for the electrician’s credentials. The most important thing to look at the electrician’s credentials are the licences and all the certifications that they acquired on years of hands-on practice and training.
    • Services they offered. Check the electrician’s specialisation and services offered to ensure they are 100% fit for the job.
    • Read customer reviews. Find customer reviews from various social networking sites or ask friends/family members who have experience in hiring a trusted electrician.

    What to look for when hiring an electrician in Cranbourne?

    In hiring an electrician, it’s ideal to check first the training and certifications they acquired. The local council require the electricians to undergo a series of training and get certified as this will serve as an assurance that they can deliver only the best and latest method to solve any problem - whether it is for a residential or commercial establishment.

    Aside from training and certification, you also need to check and verify the electrician’s licence. In Cranbourne, there are two licences that every electrician must obtain - the electrician’s ‘A Grade’ licence and the registered electrical contractors.

    The difference between the two licence lies on the electricians'  responsibilities. An electrician’s ‘A Grade’ licence can handle all electrical responsibilities, except for installation work. Only a registered electrical contractor can handle the installation and must under the supervision of their Technical Supervisor.

    What are the services that Cranbourne electrician offer?

    In general, the electrician’s job focused on connecting, maintenance, testing, and diagnosing electronic device and wiring. Therefore, you can expect that all electricians can work on the following basic tasks:

    • Examining wiring or cable lines’ diagrams and specifications;
    • Diagnosing faults using electrical test instruments;
    • Repairing defective wiring or parts;
    • Laying out reference points for installation purposes;
    • Connecting repaired electrical wiring and cable to their respective terminals;
    • Installation/changing of the lighting fixture and other new electronic devices;
    • 24/7 Emergency Electrical Services

    But there are some electricians that can offer more services or has limitations on work. This will depend on their specialisation and licence/certification they acquire. Since in Cranbourne, the local council require electricians to have two licences you can expect that more electricians can offer complete solutions for complex problems. Few of these services are the following:

    • Emergency breakdown maintenance and services
    • Safety switches installation, replacement, and testing
    • Electrical power points repairs and installation
    • Solar electric system repair and servicing

    Lastly, all top Cranbourne Electrician offers services that are specifically designed for newly-constructed house/business establishment, renovation projects, and moving into an apartment or condominium unit. Most of these services are for safety inspection to ensure all electrical wiring and systems complies with Australian Standard (AS 3000).

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