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PERTH, WA (0 km from Perth)
NSB Electrics provide Electricians services located in PERTH,WA. We undertake works such as in PERTH and surrounding areas. NSB Electrics can assist you with the whole process from price estimates, through to the delivery of your Electricians needs.
PERTH, WA (0 km from Perth)
Techenergy Electrical Services provide Electricians services located in PERTH,WA. We undertake works such as in PERTH and surrounding areas. Techenergy Electrical Services can assist you with the whole process from price estimates, through to the delivery of your Electricians needs.
PERTH, WA (0 km from Perth)
Wiki Electrical is a Electricians company providing services in PERTH,WA and nearby areas. We will provide our Electricians services experience and expertise to give you our best advice and pricing. Ask us for references, insurances or other information that you require to assist you in determining that Wiki Electrical is the right business for you.

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Hiring the Best Electricians in Perth, WA

Do you have any electrical problems that need to be dealt with by professional Perth electricians? If your lights constantly flicker and you need someone to rectify faulty electrical components, you must only use licensed electricians to perform the job.

You risk prosecution or safety of everyone if you attempt to DIY.

For all your electrical work, you will want to hire the best electrician in Perth

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Different Types of Electricians

Best Electricians in Perth, WA

Whether the electrical work has to do with repairs, installation or maintenance, there is an electrician you can reach out for help in any given situation. Here are some that most likely you will encounter:

Residential Electricians

Residential electricians focus on home electrical planning, wiring installation and system maintenance. Some electricians also draft and interpret electrical designs to ensure that all components work well together before the actual installation.

The work may involve both indoor and outdoor electrical services. Indoor electrical work may include power point installation, switchboard upgrades, heating and cooling system maintenance and home theatre installation.

On another note, outdoor work includes downlight installation and garden lighting setup.

When faced with minor electrical problems such as a tripping residual-current device (RCD), it is advisable to hire residential electricians.

Not only are they more exposed to dealing with household electrics, but they are also adept at the requirements of cleanliness and noise that a householder seeks.

Commercial Electricians

Electrical jobs in commercial buildings are more comprehensive. A commercial electrician in Perth generally works with bigger structures with tasks such as installing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems.

While the scope of work of commercial electricians is similar to residential electricians, there are varied differences. For instance, the wiring and power used in shopping centres, hospitals and high-rise buildings require a more complex approach.

Business place owners who want to have their commercial property inspected for any electrical issues benefit from the service provided by commercial electricians. These tradies are generally more experienced in a wider schema of electrical works.

Construction Electricians

This type of electrician focuses on electrical work at construction sites.

Their experience and expertise ranges from reading technical drawings to performing fixture installation and faulty component repairs in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Construction electricians across the Perth region deal with the installation of electrical components including switches, smoke alarms and circuit breakers.

They make sure that all electrical connections are compatible and compliant with Australian Standards, regulations and safety codes.

If you’re looking to build a new property or invest in home extensions, construction electricians in Perth are your best option.

Emergency Electricians

Emergency electricians work at any time of the day to address urgent concerns. After-hours call outs are generally performed by specialist companies with the infrastructure to respond in a timely manner.

These works will incur additional costs if done outside normal hours of operation.

Whether residential or commercial, you can expect them to provide 24-hour services to respond to your electrical needs. This may include replacing old wires, performing breakdown repairs and troubleshooting electrical problems.

Emergency electricians have varied experience in the field but it’s still advisable to do your homework on their business to ensure they are suitable for the task at hand. References and online reviews may assist you with this.

Specialist Electricians

Specialist electricians are tradesmen in specialised electrical jobs such as solar panel installation. This type of electrician concentrates on a narrower field of electrical work requiring more comprehensive knowledge.

If you’re looking for a more competent tradie who often works with electric hot water systems or refrigerators and all other appliances that your general electrician is not usually exposed to, you can be more confident in the experience and expertise of specialist electricians in Perth.

Residential or commercial owners can rely on specialist electricians to attend to more specific items requiring attention.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of electricians, you should be careful in choosing the right tradie to work on any job related to designing, installing and maintaining your property’s electrical systems.

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Electrical Services that You Might Need

Electricians in Perth, WA

Most electrical companies in Perth provide a similar range of services to ensure that your needs are met. Whether it has to deal with household or commercial electrics, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the services that your local electrician can assist with.

Electrical Repairs

If you smell burnt odours or have concerns with your cords or wiring systems, there might be underlying electrical problems to address. Many Perth homes have problems with power surges and overloaded circuits.

To help detect the issue, hire local electricians in Perth. They can help check all electrical connections such as the circuit breaker for possible signs of malfunction.


Old homes and buildings usually require rewiring services from Perth electrical contractors to ensure your safety and convenience against power outages.

If your light fittings need changing or you’re unsure about your home’s electrical condition, consider hiring the best domestic electrician to perform the job. Failure to rewire could result in overheating, power loss and other problems such as risks of fire and safety.

New Installations

Do you need to install extra power points to plug in your appliances? Or are you looking to buy safety switches to help protect your home and increase the protection against electric shock among family members?

Whether you want to add a ceiling fan, air conditioner or emergency lighting, you should seek competent, reliable electrical companies to respond to your installation needs.

Solar Panels

Many contractors cover a wide range of electrical services in Perth including solar panel installations.

Not only does the service help reduce your power bills but it also works effectively in minimising the use of fossil fuels, thus helping the environment to thrive longer.

Look for Perth electricians with solar panel installation experience who can assist with recommendations and options as to the type of system you will install.

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What Are the Factors That May Affect the Costs of Your Electrician?

Top 10 Best Electricians in Perth, WA

Perth electricians charge higher rates than other states. One reason is the shortage of electricians in the State’s regional areas.

There are other factors that determine the cost of hiring electrical companies. Here are some aspects to consider to help you manage your finances:

  • Size of the Job. The size and difficulty of the job factor in the overall cost of electrical services. Fixing a power point is much easier and quicker to accomplish than rewiring the house.

    For this reason, expect to pay more for jobs that take longer to complete. You may also ask your prospective sparky for a targeted schedule of completion and give you a fixed quotation of the price.

  • Materials. Other than the labour cost, the materials that your Perth electrician will require for the job also affects the price. You have to consider the quantity, quality and type of material you are using for a particular repair or installation.

    For instance, asking a domestic electrician to affix a ceiling fan or set up outdoor lights in your home may require new wiring installed.

  • Your Location. A residential electrician in Perth is experienced in pricing works in your area. Prices vary depending on travel and other costs.

    Consider also the accessibility of your home. Difficult access will incur more labour and this will reflect in increased costs.

  • Service Call. Some electricians charge call-out fees but other electrical contractors may not. However, many would require you to pay for the first hour of their visit to cover the expenses spent on travelling and other aspects.

    Expect to pay more for emergency electrical services. Local electricians working outside normal working hours charge higher compared to sparkies operating in normal hours so be mindful of the difference.

While most homeowners would want to hire cheap electricians in Perth, it is advisable to get three quotes. Remember, the cheapest price may not offer the best value. Check reviews and references for the tradies while comparing prices.

Find-a-tradie websites such as HIREtrades allow you to post your job 24/7 and receive up to three quotes in a timely manner.

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What to Look for in An Electrician?


What to Look for in An Electrician

When hiring an electrician in Perth, look at what they do best. What makes them stand above the competition? Despite a shortage of sparkies in Perth, you will want to choose the best for your job.

Licensed & Competent

One important requirement to verify when hiring Perth electricians is their licence. Having unlicensed sparkies to work on minor or major electrical projects is both risky and illegal.

In Western Australia, all tradies conducting electrical work are required under the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991 to be licensed.

During the consultation, ask about their licence and check the details including the licence class, number and expiry date.

Here are the following electrical licence types issued by the Electricity Licensing Board:

  • Electrical Installation Licence (issued to electrical workers/electricians licensed for up to 5 years)
  • Electrical Contractor Licence (issued to electrical contractors)
  • Restricted Electrical Licence (issued to restricted electrical workers or persons from other trade works; not permitted to carry out installation and repair work involving wiring systems and other electrical components)

Clarify the licence class with your electrician to ensure you’re hiring the right tradie for the job.

Competency and training are required to enabling electricians to be licensed. How is your choice of tradie different from other electricians in Perth? Determine their competencies and areas of special expertise when seeking assistance.

Physically Fit & Insured

Not only should your Perth electrician holds the appropriate licence, but should also be fit and healthy. Their work can be physically demanding from heavy lifting, to trenching, to accessing confined spaces.

The fitter they are, the easier can they overcome accessibility issues. Electricians also work at heights and on ladders so it is vital for them to have a good sense of balance.

Along with physical fitness, your prospective electrician in Perth should have appropriate insurance. Ask if their work is covered with insurance packages such as public liability insurance.

This helps to protect your finances from any third-party damages incurred during the operation.

Some states in Australia require electricians to present proof of public liability insurance when applying for a licence. For your peace of mind, ask for a copy to ensure that your tradie is adequately covered.

Experienced & Skilled

When hiring electrical contractors, their varied experience in the industry should influence your decision. Ask relevant questions such as:

  • What area of expertise are they known for?
  • Are they familiar with different wiring systems and electrical components used in Perth homes?
  • How deep is their knowledge in the proper flow of electrical currents, voltage capacity and other technicalities involved?
  • How long has the electrician or the company been servicing Perth residents?
  • Do they present professionally and have reference clients?

Other skills that should stand out among hired electricians are:

  • Good judgement and understanding (e.g. nature of electrical problems)
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Troubleshooting
  • Expert communicator (e.g. offers good customer service)

When hiring, keep these qualities in mind to guide you in the process.

Prompt & Reliable

Other than the above-mentioned qualities, find a Perth electrician who displays a sense of urgency, especially in emergency situations. Tradies who value your time and schedule are both professional and reliable.

While there are 24-hour electricians that you can rely on for emergency circumstances, not all provide the service. Remember, after-hours call outs will attract increased costs.

Do your research when looking for a contractor who provides prompt, competent electrical services

Ask for referrals from property owners nearby or request for a copy of references from your prospective electrician. You can also check online profiles and read customer reviews to know what clients are saying about their service.

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Electrical Hazards and Safety Tips

Along with asking a professional to work on your behalf, there are common electrical hazards to be aware of and corresponding safety tips to follow.

Electrical hazard:  Overloading power points (e.g. using too many extension cords or power boards)

Safety tip:  Be mindful of the maximum capacity of your power points to avoid overloading them. When problems occur, call a trusted Perth electrician to check and fix the issue.

Electrical hazard:  Defective wiring (e.g. frayed/old extension cords, loose connections)

Safety tip:  If you suspect damage in any of your wires or cords, turn them off and discontinue using them. For your peace of mind, have a professional electrician in Perth check your property for potential issues that need immediate rectification.

Electrical hazard:  Overheating light sources near flammable materials

Safety tip:  Keeping light sources away from flammable materials such as drapes, plastics and the like reduce fire risk. If you think of replacing any fixtures, there are domestic electricians in Perth to reach out for assistance.

Electrical hazard:  Power sockets near damp areas

Safety tip:  Outlets placed near the bathroom, laundry or kitchen should be kept dry. Keeping the water source away from the sockets lessens the chance of power shocks. Call an emergency electrician if any hazards are present.

Electrical hazard:  Faulty electrical device/appliance

Safety tip:  Old appliances have a shorter lifespan so be wary of possible damages especially when using them frequently. Have your safety switches tested by your prospective Perth electrician to see if they still function properly in the event of electrical issues.

Homes built since 2000 are required by law to install safety switches to prevent fires caused by electric shocks or malfunction. In 2009, mandatory RCD installation for all rental properties was implemented as part of reducing safety hazards.

This government initiation in Perth, WA provides property owners with increased accountabilities to ensure their family’s safety.

Other safety and preventative measures to observe:

  • Check both your indoor and outdoor electrical components (i.e. switches, wiring systems).
  • Inspect appliances and dispose of any electrical device or equipment that is no longer of use.
  • Never forget to unplug cords or appliances when leaving.
  • Dry your hands before touching cords or electrical device.
  • Use licensed electricians for all electrical work.

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Electricians: Things You Probably Didn’t Know They Can Do

Most electricians from Perth are versatile. Master Electricians are highly trained to be competent in the field. They can help you with various electrical upgrades such as:

  • Customising your lighting features. If you want to give your home a cosier ambience and add wall or bed sconces in your room, you can trust them to provide lighting installation services.
  • Adding energy-saving light bulbs. Not only can they help you with the installation process, but they also help you choose eco-friendly products to reduce your power consumption and contribute to the environment.
  • Modernising your outlets. Some of your power points may require replacement. If you want upgrades (e.g. customised sockets with USB charging ports), you can have a local electrician install them.

You can also expect electricians to:

  • Move/lift heavy objects. Not only do they climb on ladders or crawl through confined spaces. Some parts of the job require them to carry heavy objects to ensure that nothing obstructs their movement while working.
  • Secure your safety. Most electricians in Perth are also safety conscious. They perform safety checks and ensure that all regulations are strictly followed. They can assist to ensure that all electrical appliances are aligned with current safety standards.
  • Custom-design your electrical needs. Competent electricians not only install, repair or maintain electrical fixtures. They also provide recommendations to meet your objectives based on your lifestyle and preference.

Other electrical jobs that electricians can provide include:

Almost every electrical job around your home requires the expertise of licensed sparkies. Keep this guide handy to make the right choice of tradies. Hire the best electrician in Perth to ensure your safety and convenience!

HIREtrades can assist you to find a suitable electrician for your job.

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