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Any building project benefits from the expertise of structural engineering services. If you are on the lookout for a qualified professional engineer to help you in your project’s structural engineering, HIREtrades can help you.

By posting the details of your project on HIREtrades, you will be instantly connected with our large network of tradesmen across Australia, which includes structural consulting engineers and other professionals in the construction industry who can help you.

HIREtrades will send an alert to structural engineers within your vicinity and invite them to send a quote for your project. You can receive up to 3 FREE quotes for your building project to help you choose the most qualified professional available in our network.

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Cost To Hire a Structural Engineer 

In your desire to find an engineer, you are probably wondering how much it would cost to hire a structural engineer in Australia. Structural engineering services are usually charged by the hour, with rates ranging from $75 to $200 depending on their credentials and experience in the industry.

Rates may also vary based on the complexities of your project, with simple projects costing as low as $300 for the entire project duration, while more complicated projects costing as high as $15,000.

An engineer can serve as a structural consultant to inspect the building area and ultimately provide an accurate estimate of the project cost.

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Structural Engineering Services

Structural engineering design services are vital to any building project. Below are their most important roles in building design:

  • The main responsibility of a structural engineer is to design a support system that will serve as the foundation for the building. Through their years of engineering education or experience, they know which materials to use and how to configure these materials to build a solid foundation.
  • Structural engineers work with an architect’s plan by recommending a structural design plan that will support the architect’s design. They design with columns, beams, slabs, and other building materials that are capable of bearing heavy loads.
  • Structural engineers have the authority to inspect a building’s structure and decide whether it is built for safety and longevity. They advise architects whether improvements or changes have to be made.
  • Structural engineers are also involved in project management wherein they quality check all areas in construction to ensure that everything is built according to plan.

Choosing The Best Structural Engineer

Here are three things to consider while choosing a structural engineer for your project.

  • Ensure that you hire someone with all necessary licenses, documentations, and insurance to perform their job. Hiring someone without all government-mandated requirements may result in problems in the future.
  • Do your research and ask about a structural engineer’s past or existing projects. Some may have an extensive background in commercial projects but have little experience with residential structures. It’s best to hire someone with relevant experience – a structural engineer who has accomplished a project similar to yours.
  • Go for someone who has an established career in the construction industry. This way you can feel more at ease and confident that they have built a career based on their customer’s trust and satisfaction.

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