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Excavation work is risky and requires experienced excavation companies to perform the process. Whether you need to expand your home or excavate for a new electrical or plumbing pipe, it is crucial to choose the best excavation contractor to handle the job.

Here’s what to look for in excavation companies before hiring.

  • Certificate and insurance

    If you need to remove obstructions from the target area and dig out the soil, the excavation contractor that you are hiring must carry appropriate certifications and insurance to demonstrate their competency.

    A licence is generally not a requirement when undertaking excavation jobs. However, ensure that your local contractor adheres to workplace health and safety regulations. Safe Work Australia imposes safety measures for tradies to strictly follow.

  • Speciality and experience

    Excavation is a diverse work. If you want to build a pool area, then it might be more practical to hire a pool excavation contractor to work on the process. Before commencing the job, clarify the operator’s expertise.

    In this way, you can be more confident of a higher standard of work from site preparation to the actual excavation. Have a background check and request to view their reference projects to know their level of reliability and experience.

  • Costing

    Gather a list of local excavation companies to hire and read customer reviews to determine how they performed and understand what they usually charge for labour.

    Contractors that offer lower rates for excavation services may need a thorough check. Look for value not just price. Lower prices may point to poorly maintained excavation equipment and substandard operators. Many operators charge by the hour. An hourly rate can be deceiving as a contractor that costs 10% more may do the job in half the time

When hiring, ensure that you finalise the project requirements and verify excavation costs. Ask for itemised quotations to know what you are expected to pay and avoid pricing surprises. Where possible ask for a fixed price so that you ban budget accordingly.

Common Types of Excavation Services

The scope of excavation services includes, amongst others, boring, compacting, horizontal drilling, and trenching. Each type of work varies depending on the purpose of excavation. Here are some of the excavation-related jobs that you may need.

Earth excavation

Earthwork excavation is the process of removing the layer of soil above the rock and underneath the topsoil. Simply, the main focus of the excavation work is to remove the subsoil.

This excavation method is typically done to prepare the ground and use the excavated soil for drainage system and embankment installations. Earthwork excavation is also suitable for construction projects such as building structural foundations.

Underground excavation

Underground excavation is more comprehensive than earthwork excavation. This process requires highly specialised skills and equipment to accomplish its purpose.

Professional excavation contractors comply with safety regulations to effectively excavate tunnels and shafts. This method is generally used to build sewage systems, roadways and underground conduits.

Site-cut excavation

Site-cut excavation is the process of excavating the area prior to the actual construction of houses and commercial structures. Site cuts are usually followed by fill excavation services to make the ground properly levelled.

Skilled machine operators are expected to accomplish cut and fill excavation works while maintaining a high-quality earth workmanship.

Borrow excavation

Borrow excavation is the method of borrowing required materials outside the construction site. Unlike other types that simply remove the materials (e.g. subsoil) as preparation for construction, borrow excavation is a different process.

This type of excavation service is done when constructing roadways and other land projects.

Hydro excavation

Hydro excavation is the process of moving or removing soil with high-pressure water and air vacuum. Pressurised water acts as a non-destructive digging method and is used to alleviate damage risks to underground plumbing lines.

The air vacuum sucks up the accumulated soil and transfers it into the debris truck. Hydro excavation is believed to be a safe and effective method of excavating.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Excavation Jobs

There are aspects to consider when determining the cost of excavation projects.

Type of projects

The type of project that you require affects how much a local excavation contractor will charge for labour. If you need to replace underground pipelines, the process may incur higher fees than simply digging a trench for house restumping.

Size of the job

The length, width and depth of excavation can considerably influence the overall cost. The deeper the excavator operator needs to dig, the larger the rate may be required. Likewise, the size of the area has to be factored in the price.

Soil condition

The condition of your soil can have an implication on how much you will be charged. Usually, soft soils are easier to dig than hard ones.

Special equipment

The use of special excavation equipment such as backhoes, drotts, and bulldozers can have an impact on pricing. Excavation companies generally operate heavy-duty machines to accomplish the task quickly and effectively.

Skilled and professional operators handle the work to ensure minimal mistakes and disruption. Hiring experienced excavation contractors attracts increased costs.

Additional services

Removing old concrete slabs or other structures that need to be demolished have a significant effect on your excavation costs. Extra labour incurred, other than the actual excavation process, will increase the amount that you have to pay.

HIREtrades can help you obtain up to three free quotes from excavation companies near you. Ensure that you provide all the relevant details about your project to get a more accurate quotation.

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