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horizontal directional drilling

For time-saving solution, it is highly recommended to engage top horizontal directional drilling services . This is a method of excavation that is highly versatile. It is used to provide safe installations of various services. These include telecommunications and power conduits; water, sewer, gas or oil lines; and ducts or product pipelines.

Its compact delivery lessens the impact on the surrounding area making it ideal for installing a service in environmentally sensitive and congested areas. It is suited for crossing waterways or shore approaches without affecting the production time. Many considered it as a viable and cost-effective solution for several infrastructure projects. This technique is a popular choice over other conventional boring systems.

Here are the advantages and the benefits of this method:

  • Deeper and longer installation capacity

  • Shorter completion times

  • Lesser traffic disruptions

  • Lower costs involved

  • No access pit needed

  • Environmentally safety

Machinery used in this excavating job do the work with the help of a fluid used particularly for this method, a mixture of water and polymer or bentonite. Continuous pumping is needed in order to remove cuttings, stabilise the bore, cool the cutting head, and lubricate the passage of the pipe. More importantly, it holds the excavated materials into suspension to avoid clogging the drilled hole. This then prevents back pressure which can slow the production delivery time.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Contractors

Here is the methodology for this activity:

1. During this first stage, factors such as geological information and project design have to be considered before any work can start. This is for safety and security purposes that are mandated by the laws.

2. Once the initial phase has been completed, the actual boring can commence that involves three main processes.

  • Pilot bore. Beginning at the entry point, a drill head, which must be suitable for the ground conditions, is manoeuvred along the predetermined route. It can be adjusted to steer around or under obstacles. The path could either be straight or slightly curved but the depth and alignment should be highly monitored.

  • Reaming process. This can be a single or multi-stage operation depending on the underground condition and project requirements. The hole is then reamed with appropriate cutters to a larger diameter or a size that accommodates the product pipe.

  • Pullback. It is when the pipeline is installed by attaching it to the reamer through a swivel connector. Once the drill string is withdrawn, it will be pulled into the enlarged bore. In some cases though, instead of pulling, it can be pushed into place.

    Professional horizontal directional drilling contractors  charge based on several things: how deep and how long will it be, how big and how many conduits to install. Always opt for the one that provides reasonable quote and is duly licensed and insured. Hiring them is the best choice and will surely satisfy your needs.

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