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Post Hole Diggers

post hole digger

Fences provide privacy and protection that is why they are an essential structure in a community. To dig deep and narrow holes to put up a fence, consider using the best pole hole diggers.

 The tool commonly looks the same as two shovels joined together. Some can vary in shape and size so choose the one that fits the fencing needs. Here are the common types to select from.

  • Traditional heavy duty. This type is perfect for digging job done fast and last for long. It will do the work sturdily because it has strong, hefty blades. Look for a solid wood in the manufacture of the frames such as ash. It will be great for all purposes. This digger had taken advantage of the innovative new design. There are now those that have fibreglass handles instead of wooden that are both useful and powerful. Consider the ones that are thick enough in order not to compromise the performance.
  • Split handled. This one has a blade welded to the frame instead of using rivets. This is to prevent shearing off when encountering rocks below the ground. Usually, it has stamped or shaped steel but is not as stronger than the traditional one.
  • Boston. This model is also called as universal and is meant to do well in digging stony or gravy soil. The idea is for a single point to be driven down to collect earth that is then pulled up. It is slightly more complicated than the other kinds due to its many moving parts that make it more prone to greater number of malfunctions.
  • Hole Deal. This is a new and better type because it requires less energy than the conventional kind by having a leverage point that is hinged.

Post Hole Digging Contractors

Equipment can be purchased in the market. But better yet, ask a qualified contractor who can operate it proficiently and finish the work with quality. Choosing which piece is the best all depends on the specific requirement of the task. 

Professional post hole digging contractors know which one is the right type and how to use it properly, free of any injury or damage. They can also do the job quickly and correctly.

And in general, using this tool has some benefits as well that include the following:

  • It comes with a carriage on wheels that will not leave any imprints that save both time and money in restoring the surrounding land.

  • It can still perform on too rough or rocky terrain and with levers that can be rotated to remove rocks or tree roots.

  • It digs quicker, more precise and a lot neater than other machines.

  • It is used in many industries like the oil, flour, wheat, rice, and pellet industry.

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