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Concrete Scanning Services

concrete scanning

All projects that require cutting, coring or drilling of concrete structures need great caution. There could be hidden objects that can either damage the machinery or the structure itself. Or worse, they can harm the machine operator if not dealt with properly. This is why construction professionals demand a safe and trusted way of inspecting work areas to locate any unknown materials.

They need a clearance first before doing any excavation project. There are several techniques or methodologies available to choose for this kind of excavating job. They have to accurately determine the whereabouts of the underground utilities by using a specialised equipment. But one of the best surveying options is through top concrete scanning services .

This technique is cost-effective because it does not have to undergo the traditional processes of hitting through live electrical wiring, cable or other sorts of service. It also has many applications such as in post tension cables or PT’S, pipes and conduits, electric wires, structural steel, and heating lines. It can also be done for assessments or investigations of any voids and deterioration, as well as for masonry brickwork investigation.

Typically, this method is using a ground penetrating radar known as GPR or “radar survey.” It is the only system that has the ability to really look into the ground. It is popularly used because of the various benefits it offers.

Utility Locating Services

The best utility locating services  provide great advantages listed below:

  • It is a non-destructive and non-intrusive way of surveying sub-surfaces.

  • It can be carried out quickly and efficiently without delays in construction or interruptions for other tradesmen working on the same site.

  • It is safer to use in public areas, generates faster results, and gives clearer projections compared to x-ray technology.

  • It also produces images in real time to be analysed by the concrete scanner technician onsite.

  • It excels in determining general details of floor slabs.

The results of the GPR scan conducted will be marked and presented with sketches and annotated radar grams. This then can assist a structural engineer with the necessary information to calculate load bearings and capacities. Usually, the required data in a report includes the thickness of the slab, location, spacing or pattern and size of reinforcement, as well as the position of any beams or footings.

Whatever equipment is to be used in this project, do not attempt to try operating it. It must be operated only by the technicians who are trained and experienced to use it. They know the correct procedures to follow and how to perform them. They are also equipped with the right gears and safety measures to prevent any injury or damage to the structure. And more importantly, they have got all it takes to deliver an accurate scanning result.

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