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Under Road Boring Services

under road boring

In order to have excavation that does not cause much damage to the above ground, engaging top under road boring services  is the right choice. It uses the technology that does not require trenches to be made. Instead, it just needs to bore straight underneath the roadways, pathways or driveways.

Since trenching is not needed, it causes slight damages to the surface. Other major advantage of this system is that it makes laying or repairing services very easy. It is because it allows for the capability of pulling cables and pipes through after the hole is bored. There are also borers that are capable of fitting in even the tightest spaces while still doing the job quickly and effectively. High quality results depend on the services rendered and it is recommended to engage trusted companies that provide the best consultations for total underground solutions.

This will make your project acquire fast completion through proper ways and safety measures.

Under Road Boring Contractors

The two drilling options that professional under road boring contractors  use are:

  • Horizontal directional drilling. It is a method that is best for larger roads. This technique is popularly chosen than conventional systems because it has a lesser impact on the surrounding areas. It is ideal to engage service in environmentally sensitive places. It also offers plenty of benefits such as fewer traffic disruptions, shorter completion time, no access pit required, longer and deeper installation capacities, and safer for the environment. This type of excavation uses a drilling fluid that is pumped into the drill bit to lubricate the borehole. It is considered to be a viable and cost-effective approach for installations of telecommunications and power conduits, water or gas lines, and ducts or pipelines.

  • Case or auger boring. This method is done by installing a steel casing or sleeve at the same time as it being bored. It utilises a minimal over cut and removal of spoil materials without displacing them. It is usually performed by placing augers equipped with a cutting head inside a pipe with predetermined diameter. The equipment used in this technique is capable of drilling in various ground conditions from sand to hard rock. It is perfect to install pipes with a combined length of up to 70 metres. Other advantage it gives is that it’s a safe option to go on depths greater than 1.5m with minimal footprint.

This kind of project is highly risky that requires an expertise to do it. So if you have the need for this tough job, ask for the help of a qualified and insured excavation specialist. He will do the job efficiently while following all the safety standards. More importantly, you can expect to achieve the right result. Reminder, do not forget to get the free quotes before the work begins.

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