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AUSTRAL FENCING PTY LTD is a Fencing company providing services in CANNING VALE,WA and nearby areas. We will provide our Fencing services experience and expertise to give you our best advice and pricing. Ask us for references, insurances or other information that you require to assist you in determining that AUSTRAL FENCING PTY LTD is the right business for you.
AstroDeck Warehouse & The Landscape Guys is a Fencing company providing services in BIBRA LAKE,WA and nearby areas. We will provide our Fencing services experience and expertise to give you our best advice and pricing. Ask us for references, insurances or other information that you require to assist you in determining that AstroDeck Warehouse & The Landscape Guys is the right business for you.
Forte Retaining provide Fencing services located in ASHFIELD,WA. We undertake works such as in ASHFIELD and surrounding areas. Forte Retaining can assist you with the whole process from price estimates, through to the delivery of your Fencing needs.
Simple Building Solutions Pty Ltd is a Fencing company providing services in NORTH PERTH,WA and nearby areas. We will provide our Fencing services experience and expertise to give you our best advice and pricing. Ask us for references, insurances or other information that you require to assist you in determining that Simple Building Solutions Pty Ltd is the right business for you.

Professional Fencing Contractors

fence installation serviceA great way to ensure the privacy and security of your home and family is to install a quality fence. In order to get a comprehensive service, look for a fencing company that is capable of installing the type of fence you desire.

Choosing the Right Fence Contractors

Whether you’re replacing an old front fence or building one for your pool area, ensure that you hire a professional fencing contractor to handle the project. Before entering into contracts, consider the qualities of a good fence installer.

1. Does the fence contractor hold an appropriate licence?

The most important aspect to check when looking for a fence builder is their licence. State requirements vary as they impose different sets of conditions (e.g. projects exceeding X value, etc).

In some states like Victoria, fence contractors are not mandated to obtain a specific licence. Instead, a Registered Building Practitioner licence is required along with a Construction Induction Card (CIC) after safety training issued by WorkSafe Victoria.

There are other credentials to verify including their certifications and insurances. In Western Australia, authorities suggest asking for a copy of certificates and insurance to qualify the fence builder for the job.

2. Is the fence builder skilled and experienced?

Check if the local fencing contractor is skilled at a particular installation job. If you plan to build a glass fence for your pool surround, find expert pool fence installers to accomplish the task.

The experience level of the fence builder must also be considered. When hiring, request to see their most recent projects to ensure that they are adept at performing the installation with the highest quality standard.

3. Does the fence contractor listen to your needs and concerns?

A good fence builder is attentive and responsive to any questions or clarifications you may have concerning the project.  Whether they are asked to install picket fencing or perform fencing repairs, a reliable contractor will acknowledge your requirements and give recommendations on what type of fencing supplies to use, decorative features to add, etc.

When hiring a local fence contractor, consider asking feedback from nearby customers. Request a copy of client references and read online reviews to help you decide.

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Types of Fencing Services

Fences will not only give a great aesthetic to your home’s exterior design but also provides security and privacy. A professionally installed fence gives every homeowner the true sense of home we desire.

 Whether it be wood, wrought iron, or chain link fencing, they will greatly affect the impression of your home. See all the fencing options you can choose below. 

Timber fencing Services

Timber fencing is one of the most cost-efficient options when building a front fence. The natural beauty of wood gives your property a timeless appeal that can last for years if properly maintained. Timber fences are ideal for front yards and gardens.

Aluminium fencing Services

Another popular fencing option is aluminium fencing. This type of fence is able to withstand harsh climate conditions and is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. Aluminium fences are commonly installed in pool areas and house facades. 

They are not suitable for public places that require high-security levels.

Brick fencing Services

Brick fences are among the most durable fencing installation projects. Homeowners choose bricks when building a front fence as they provide great security and privacy. Firmly packed and installed, bricks can last for several years. 

This type of fencing installation must be dealt with by skilled bricklayers or craftsmen as the process is labour-intensive and requires strong attention to detail.

Colorbond fencing Services

Colorbond fencing has a variety of colours for homeowners to choose from. Moreover, Colorbond fences are known for their sleek design and durable structure. Colorbond fencing is ideal for house facades.

Glass fencing Services

Glass fence is best to install in your swimming pool as it is transparent that you were able to see your children through it on the other side. Glass fencing is sturdy, strong, hygienic, elegant, and stylish. If you consider installing glass fences, that would be worth the investment. 

Steel Fencing Services

With the ease of maintenance and pleasing modern aesthetic, steel fencing is one of the most favourites. Due to its strong, robust construction, metal or steel fencing provides an unparalleled level of protection to your home or property. 

Steel fencing also adds great value to your home. If you opt to install steel fences, that would be a great investment. 

Bamboo Fencing Services

Bamboo fencing may not be the most in-demand but it’s starting to hit its stride in the market. Many of the green homeowners will be happy to hear that this type of fencing is one of the most environmentally friendly and attractive options in the market. 

When it comes to its longevity, if well cared and professionally installed, bamboo fencing can last up to 15-20 years. If you’ve been thinking about bamboo fencing, that’s still worth to invest. 

Vinyl Fencing Services

Vinyl fencing is one of the best when it comes to any other type of fencing. It is way stronger and more flexible than wood or timber fences. Vinyl fencing is maintenance-free and paint-resistant, allowing you to clean easily the unwanted stains or graffiti. 

Installing a vinyl fence may cost you higher. However, given its long lifespan and low maintenance costs, make it cheaper than any other fencing. 

How Much Does Fencing Cost?

Whether you’re looking to install aluminium fencing, brick fences or temporary fencing, the materials that you use and scope of installation largely affect how much fence contractors price the job.

Check the following to give you an overview of the cost of some fencing installation services.

Timber Fencing Costs

The cost of timber fencing can range from $85 to $215 per metre including labour and materials. Factors including the type of timber, height of the fence and extra jobs, such as painting, influence the timber installation cost.

Aluminium Fencing Costs

Aluminium fencing is usually priced at $815 and can reach up to $1,310. The cost range varies depending on the size of the fence, the quality of products supplied and installed, and additional construction works.

Brick Fencing Costs

Although the upfront cost of brick fences is pricey, the long-term benefit outweighs the cost. The expected rate of installation can range from $620 to $1,220 per 1,000 plus the labour fee.

Colorbond Fencing Costs

The cost of installation can range from $84 to $100 per metre. Colorbond fencing prices may alter based on a number of factors including the important components, such as lattices and plinths, and additional jobs (e.g. fencing gates installation) incurred.

Other fencing options that have varied costs include steel, bamboo, vinyl, PVC and glass fences.

How to Keep the Quality of Your Fence

Do you have new house fences installed across your property? Regardless of what type of installation you may have, proper care and maintenance help to extend their lifespan and minimise your cost for fencing repairs or replacement.

The level of cleaning and maintenance that your fence needs vary according to what type of fencing material is installed.

  • For timber fencing, moulds and decay are the common cause of deterioration. In this case, regular cleaning is important. Restaining the fence at least once a year will help it thrive.
  • For aluminium fences, they are easy (and cheap) to maintain. Cleaning and degreasing are required to prevent stains and rusts.
  • For brick fences, brick piers and mortar joints acquire damages overtime. Ensure to have them immediately rectified, where required. Also, gently cleaning the surface using water and detergent helps to remove dirt and stain build-up.
  • For Colorbond fencing, washing down the surface will keep it in good condition. Repainting it also helps to restore its original look.

Whether new or old, house fences should be regularly checked to see if the structure requires cleaning, repairs, painting or staining. Refrain from using chemicals as cleaning solutions and always consult professional recommendations.

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