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Fencing Sydney - Find Top Fence Supplier & Fencing Contractors in Sydney, NSW

Fencing Sydney - Find Top Fence Supplier & Fencing Contractors in Sydney, NSW

Is your property in need of a new fence? Has your fence incurred damage and is in need of immediate repair?

If that’s the case, hiring a professional fencing Sydney contractor would be wise.

If you want a quality fence for your property, it is worthy of your time and money to get in touch with the top fencing contractors Sydney.

This article will give you an overview of:

  • The Qualifications to Consider in Hiring a Professional Fencing Sydney Contractor
  • Factors that Affect the Cost your Sydney Fencing Project/Job
  • Important Questions to Ask Your Fencing Sydney Contractor

The Qualifications to Consider in Hiring a Professional Fencing Contractor

When hiring fence contractors in Sydney, you have to look at their skills and specialization. Do they fit the bill for your needs?

Given how crucial it is to install a gate and fence, you simply need the best person to do the job.

Licensed and Competent

National Codes of Practice and Australian Standards greatly cover local fencing services in Australia.

In New South Wales, any contractor who carries out work above $1,000 in value must have a correct and current licence issued by the Office of Fair Trading.

Otherwise, it would be illegal for them to work.

The following are the requirements to qualify for a contractor licence:

  • CPC10111 Certificate 1 in Construction;
  • CPC10108 Certificate 1 in Construction; or
  • Transcript of Academic Record showing completion of certain modules

The installer should also have experience installing similar fencing – and be able to provide proof upon request.

They should also have relevant insurances to protect people and property while they work on different types of fences Sydney: pool fencing, fencing gates, timber fencing and colorbond fencing.

Experience and a Wide Range of Services

A wide range of service is a reflection of how long they’ve been in the industry. This means that they have garnered years of experience in mastering different techniques in building fencing in Sydney.

That immediately shows that they are capable of understanding your needs, as they have already handled many clients in different, unique situations.

Moreover, this will give you the chance to select a variety of options depending on your property’s needs.

A fencing Sydney contractor with a wide variety of services will also be able to advise you which fence suits best for your property.

Even though property owners might have an initial idea on what kind of fence they’re going to avail, it is ultimately important to seek professional opinion from contractors.

A good fencing Sydney contractor will have a great understanding on how to meet your needs according to your budget, to what Sydney fencing options are available in the market, and to what your property needs.

Takes Customer’s Inputs

At the end of the day, it’s all about the paying customer. It is the customers’ wants and needs that have to be fulfilled, and contractors should be open-minded in taking customers’ inputs into consideration.

A good fence contractor will not impose their ideas. They should sit down and brainstorm with the clients, suggest options, take the customer’s final word, and start developing a design.

Customers should be involved in every step of the way, and fence contractors should be able to carefully consider their clients’ needs.

A great way to check if a fence contractor is reputable is through customer reviews on the internet, or if available, in their social media accounts.

In an era where information is readily available, customers should take advantage of the opportunity to learn about different contractors, and seek other past customers’ experience with their services.

Factors that Affect the Cost of your Fencing Sydney Project/Job

The rates of fence contractors in Sydney vary, depending on a number of factors. As mentioned above, different types of Sydney fencing services require different kinds of materials, different degrees of difficulty, and other external conditions.

Here are some factors to consider to help you manage your finances:

Fence Design

The fence design serves as the blueprint for your fence contractor. It will eventually dictate the possible costs, as it will determine the materials to be purchased.

The difficulty of the design will also dictate the kind of labour your contractors will provide.

The simpler the design, the cheaper it’ll cost you. But for more complicated fence designs, expect a higher rate.

It all starts with planning your fence. Fence design will also determine your other external costs, such as the price for further maintenance your fence requires.

Type of Material

Once the decision-making stage is done, material grade is another factor to consider.

For example, timber picket fences will give you 3 options to choose from: rustic, quality, or premium – all vary in prices, depending on the aesthetics and durability.

Moreover, if you choose metal fences for your fencing and gates Sydney, you might want to consider upgrading your materials to stainless steel, which will involve less maintenance in the future.

If you’re looking for more affordable materials, chain link is known to be the cheapest.

But also, be reminded that the type of materials to be used will determine the amount of labour involved.

Overall Length

The rate for fence materials is calculated by linear metres. The longer the fence, the more it will cost you.

Moreover, the length of your fence will simultaneously determine the labour that your fence contractor will require, which will also be a factor of your expenses.

However, it all depends on the type of property you intend to build a fence on.

Residential areas usually won’t cost as much in comparison to a school yard, or a large farm.

Tear Out and Other Features

If your intention is to replace your existing fence with a new one, the cost for tear out services is definitely to be considered.

Not only will your fence contractors require to have your old fence removed, but also any other features obstructing your fence layout also has to be taken care of.

The removal of shrubs, trees, and other obstacles will serve as an additional cost in your fence’s pre-installation.

Consider this a clean-up stage in preparation for your brand-new fence and gate.

Site and Landscape

Ultimately, the type of land and site location could be the final determiner for the cost of your fence. For example, site access for your fence contractor is critical.

This will determine the logistics on how your fence materials will be delivered. Furthermore, a site’s pre-existing conditions should also be considered.

Building fences and gates on a bare and flat lot is easy, but when properties are either rocky or sloped, landscaping and excavation services might be required in the pre-installation of your Sydney fencing and gate.

Irregular ground planes greatly influence construction, including the difficulty for your contractors to work on.

Important Questions to Ask Your Fencing Sydney Contractors & Fencing Supplier

Before hiring a fence contractor, it is important to be on the same page. To get a full customer service, you should raise several questions to have a clearer view on how the process of installation or repair will take place.

Furthermore, this will also give you a more efficient budget plan for your Sydney fencing.

Below are some questions you need to ask your fence contractor:

Do you have a project portfolio I can see?

Interviewing a Sydney fencing contractor is one thing, but actually seeing their work is another.

A portfolio of their past projects will serve as proof of their experience, skills and the different clients they have handled.

Do you have a list of references that I can contact?

Experienced contracts will be able to provide you a list of references, either from their colleagues of from past clients.

This will serve as testimonials on their workmanship, giving you confidence that your property is in the right hands.

Are you licensed and insured?

As above mentioned, it is important for your contractor to be licensed and insured to protect both parties in this project.

The contract should also be willing to present necessary documents and paperwork. If the contract fails to do so, look for someone else.

Do you provide an itemized quote?

Asking an itemized price quote can be very helpful in managing your finances.

This will help you stick to a standard budget and avoid overspending.

What type of warranty is included in the fence?

Some types of Sydney fences include a warranty against defects. It is always a wiser option if your fence comes with it.

Ask your Sydney fencing contractors to know what is covered and what’s not. A great customer service sometimes offers a free quote and should provide a great job quote.

HIREtrades can assist you to find a suitable fencing Sydney contractor and trusted fencing suppliers in Sydney for your job, and get up to three free quotes.

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