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Fencing Contractors in Brisbane, QLD

Are you torn between the idea of doing a DIY fence or hiring a Brisbane fencing contractor for the services? 

Regardless of whether you want to invest on a new fashionable residential fence, or just simply restore an old installation, enlisting services from fencing companies will give you the hassle-free route to your dream enclosure.

Contractors will provide a reliable access to quality fencing solutions.

To give insights and to guide you in considering fencing contractors in Brisbane, this article will provide information on:


  • Different types of fencing contractors
  • Common types of fencing materials
  • What are the factors that may affect the cost of your fencing project/job?
  • Hiring a Fencing Contractor: Qualifications or Qualities to look for and Remember
  • Things to consider when installing a Glass Pool Fencing at home


Different Types of Fencing Contractors


Most people will require fencing services for either residential partitions, commercial protections or territorial barriers. Whatever the purpose of fencing may serve, there are several types of fencing contractors that will cater to each customer’s desired fence specifications. 


The list of the most common contractors would include:

Residential Fencing Contractors

Residential fencing contractors specialize in fencing services involving private properties like residences, farms and buildings. Their usual focus will either be the brand new construction of home fences or the upgrade, restoration, and repair of existing ones. 


Residential fencing does not limit to the enclosure of house perimeters, but also fencing of swimming pool areas when applicable and required.

They usually work with materials normally preferred for residential properties and buildings such as colorbond-fencing, pvc, timber, and brick


Residential contractors also perform works on rural-fencing for farms and properties alike.

When commissioned to provide pool fencing, residential contractors also have the necessary knowledge about the Australian standard for pool fencing to be able to provide the clients the necessary information and options for their desired pool barricade.


Although privacy and security is the primary objective of fencing your property, the quality, design, and overall structure of your fences should also be a top priority.

Residential contractors have the ability and experience of offering you both, with some companies offering cheap fencing services. 

Commercial Fencing Contractors

Commercial fencing contractors, unlike residential fencing companies, are usually hired for bigger fencing contracts of commercial spaces like company buildings and business establishments.

The fence structure required in commercial spaces are usually more substantial and thickset than residential fences. 


Although materials used in fence construction for both residential and commercial areas are more or less the same, commercial fencing materials are usually required to come in larger sizes and in bigger volumes, to ensure a sturdier built for fences. 


As most businesses with impressive exterior and outdoor space will likely be perceived by customers as an established company, presenting a safe environment for clients will gain their interest and will positively impact the business as a whole. 


Sophisticated and secured fencing will reinforce their idea of a reliable business option for them to venture in.

Therefore, dealing with professional commercial fencing companies that will provide effective and presentable fencing services to businesses, will be a valuable investment for any establishment.


General Contractors

As fencing works usually depend on the client’s design and requirements, general contractors are the usual choice for personalized installations.

Since their services are more wide-ranged, they are capable of doing works other than the usual fencing construction such as:

  • Inspection of the area for fencing to make sure there are no gas and electrical pipes present that can delay and impede the construction and installation works
  • Aside from fence building, they also align posts, assemble gates, restore barriers and repair walls within the premises of the fencing project
  • As their experience encompasses multiple fencing concepts, they can offer consultation services and provide clients with important information and opinions on possible enhancements to be done


General fencing contractors are more flexible with their workloads and can also help homeowners with the necessary council regulations and permits required for fencing jobs. 


Unlike residential and commercial fencing contractors, general fencing companies cater to a wider range of clientele due to the expanded variety of services that they offer, making them available in a wider scale. 


Thus, enabling accessibility and introducing more options in the fencing market.

So when you are undecided on how to proceed with your fencing goals, you can contact a general fencing contractor to provide you information on anything you need to know about fence building solutions.


Common Types of Fencing Materials


Fencing services differ in terms of the materials used to build the fence. Some people may have a specific preference, some may also explore the integration of multiple materials. 

The most popular and widely preferred types of fencing for both residential and commercial areas are as follows:


Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is gaining popularity among homeowners because aside from its lightweight but durable material, it is also cheaper than other fencing material types.

Stability and security are both addressed by this type of fencing installation, making people getting the most value out of their money.

Aside from its inexpensiveness, this material type also has the ability to resist corrosion making it a top candidate for longer-lasting fences, with no need of frequent maintenance.

Its sleek and adaptable design makes it appropriate for both residence and business properties. 

So if you are looking into cheaper but effective fencing options, contact an experienced aluminum fencing company to ensure that your fence is built for its purpose and value, with design and durability fused into one material.


Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond fencing is one of the most popular choices of steel fencing material in Australia due to its combined quality, neatness and easy maintenance.

Much like aluminum, colorbond fencing is not susceptible to damage even through prolonged exposure to heat and moisture. 

Its structure does not allow for easy bending and breaking, allowing for a safer perimeter for house owners.

So, if your preference for fences includes style, design, strength, and security then you need to consider colorbond fencing to get all that you need in a fence. 

It will be highly beneficial to consult services from professional colorbond fencing companies to ensure that the setting up of the material is done appropriately and efficiently.


Timber Fencing

Although most fencing materials already incorporates the affordability, durability and design into its characteristic, timber fencing services are still considered as a favorite among Australians due to the following reasons:

  • It suits most residential designs and its style never gets old
  • Its versatile design matches easily with common house landscapes and nature, making it a classic choice for fencing
  • It serves its function well in terms of privacy and family security
  • There is a wide range of designs that customers can choose from and customizing its primary design does not even cost too much money

As timber fencing is widely common in the country, you just need to look for the most reliable contractor to perform the services, one who offers warranty, to make sure that quality is considered a priority.

PVC Fencing

Unlike other known fencing services in Australia, PVC fencing is just gaining its momentum in the fencing industry. Its material is sourced from the combination of plastic and vinyl, forming polyvinyl chloride, which possesses the ability to absorb shocks and resist rust.

It is about five times stronger than timber fencing, but very easy to install and maintain. 

PVC fencing is now commonly considered by homeowners as an option for paling fence.

Therefore, if you are considering getting garden, pool, or even farm fences, it will be best to contract experienced PVC fencing companies to provide you with an informed choice on fencing and guaranteed PVC fencing services.  

Glass Fencing

Glass fencing is commonly adopted in pool fencing projects. It not only complies with the safety regulations of pool constructions in residences, but it also provides a sophistication to the overall design of a person’s house.  

If house owners would prefer a strong glass fencing for their outdoor pools to ensure pool safety for their kids, they can invest on high-tempered glass fences which may not be as cost-effective as the other fencing services. 

However, finding the right pool fence installers will enable you to maximize your budget, making sure that glass fencing quality is a value for the money


What are the factors that may affect the cost of your fencing project/job?


A lot of factors has to be considered when deciding to contract professional services for fencing. And one of the main factors that will seal the deal will be the costs associated with the project. 

Proper fencing is an investment that needs thorough planning and budgeting before even starting the process.

Here is a list of common factors that will most likely impact the cost of fencing jobs.

  • Materials – Most fencing contractors work with a variety of fencing materials that will give customers a wide range of choices that will suit their needs and design preferences.

As most materials differ in structure, durability, design and functionality, the overall cost of the job will also differ depending on the materials.

The pricing range will be determined by the quantity and quality of materials required for the designated project.

As an example, aluminum and brick fencing materials are cheaper compared to timber and colorbond fencing, although all of them are reliable fencing materials in terms of sturdiness and its ability to last through time. 


  • Job size – Aside from the initial materials, the size and difficulty of the job also has an overall impact on fencing job pricing.

Bigger sized jobs, or those that usually demand more area to be fenced in, will require more materials and labor services, thus incurring more costs. 

Building a picket fence on one household’s front lawn will be cheaper than building picket fences surrounding an entire house.

Increase in cost is also likely if a fencing project takes a while to be completed. 

In anticipation of relatively expensive costing, it is best to consult with your fencing contractor of possible options to shorten the timeline of the project completion.


  • Location – With materials and job size considered, fencing contractors will also add to cost calculations the possible additional charges for transportation.

In cases of rural fencing, where fencing jobs are required in rural areas such as farms, city-based contractors will have to transport personnel and equipment on a daily basis throughout the duration of the project. 

Utility costs, such as car fuel and worker meals, will have to be included in the initial quote for the service. 

It will be a practical and cost-effective option to hire contractor services that are within your area of residence to minimize additional charges and maximize your fencing budget. 


  • Soil Type and Terrain – Fencing contractors look into external factors that may possibly affect the completion of fencing projects in a timely manner. 

For example, for customers located in unstable soil conditions, fencing companies will most likely require more work in ensuring that the fencings are properly set-up and their foundations are strongly installed. 

Houses or buildings situated on uneven terrains like slopes, will require a different construction approach than those fencing installations in flat areas.

So for those who are living in elevated or lopsided land areas, you may want to take into consideration the extra budget you have to put into your fencing projects. 


  • Fencing timeline / Worker after-hours – Jobs involving fencing solutions usually comes with a completion date. Slow and fast-paced fencing operations will both mean an increase in project costs.

Slow-paced fencing works will mean labor force will be paid for more days completing the job. 

Fast-paced completion or shorter timelines would sometimes mean more work hours to be done by the workforce in a day, incurring overtime incentives. 

Since both ways will increase fencing costs as a whole, customers might want to consider going for a shorter completion period.

Although it may entail expensiveness in the overall project pricing, at least the job completion will be made faster than the usual.

It will be a helpful strategy to gather as much quotations from different fencing contractors in your area to make sure that you will be acquiring services that will fit your budget. 

But most importantly, it will be necessary to look into personal reviews of customers from each fencing contractors to make sure you are getting quality service as well.


Hiring a Fencing Contractor: Qualifications or Qualities to look for and Remember


While costing is the primary concern of most people when it comes to contracting services from outside providers, the track record and reputation of the company is also an important factor to look into.

What do we need to look for in a fencing contractor? 


There are a lot of Brisbane-based contractors and choosing the best can be based on:

Experience and Reputation

Fencing services are mostly considered to be investments in terms of infrastructure and housing upgrades.

Therefore, when people decide to entrust their fencing services to outside contractors, they have to go for a company who have built their reputation in the industry. 


It will always be advisable to look into the business background of the contractor and evaluate data based on how you would want to proceed with your desired fencing project.

  • What are the expertise of this fencing company? 
  • Do they have vast experience in my preferred fencing service?
  • Who are their current and previous clients and do I know any of them?
  • How long has the company been operating in Brisbane?
  • Do they have any service complaints from any of their clients?
  • Do they have social media presence and what do people usually say about their services?


These are a few of the most relevant questions that customers should ask themselves before considering hiring a specific fencing contracting company. 

There may be a lot of existing contractors and newly established ones that will effectively market their services.

However, the important part in canvassing for possible fencing providers is its already-proven-ability to deliver quality fencing services and stay true to their reputation in the community.


Licensed and Legitimacy to Operate

The fencing contracting business is a thriving and growing business nowadays, not just in Australia but also in other countries.

Due to its increasing demand in the Australian market, there are a lot of new fencing contractors emerging in the country. 


Some of these existing and new contracting companies may not have yet processed or renewed their license to operate and their personnel may not be fully certified to operate a fencing business. 


The Queensland Building and Construction Act 1991 (QBCC Act) prohibits a person or entity to build or undertake to build fencing works unless they hold a contractor’s license of the appropriate class. 


Although this licensing requirement is a lawful means of regulating fencing construction, some contractors may still bypass the regulation and provide fencing services without a license.

So for those who do not want to go through any litigations, it is best to ask for and thoroughly examine fencing contractor licenses. 


Licenses will also ensure that the chosen fencing contractor is complaint and aware of the regulations of building and construction of residential and commercial fences.


Operational Flexibility and Professionalism

Every company or industry has their own internal protocols to follow to guide them in their daily business and in how to deal with their customers.

However, an effective fencing contractor is also one that can work with changing customer requirements for their fencing needs. 


Some circumstances where consideration from contractors can positively affect the business relationships with clients:

  • Their ability to consider payment terms
  • Ability to adjust and adapt to additional fencing requests and instructions from clients
  • Ability to finish projects ahead of time without increasing total fencing project costs
  • Professional in resolving issues that may likely arise before, during and after the completion of fencing job


Fencing contractors that are not only technical in their business proceedings, but also builds rapport towards their clients while maintaining their professional attitude, will be in the market of gaining referrals and contracts. 

If your fencing concept is quite complicated and would require an informative yet patient fencing contractor, then it should be a top priority to deal with someone with a high priority for professionalism and customer service. 

Because after all, the realization of your ideal fencing output will not be possible of you and the fencing company have contradicting ideas.


Things to consider when installing a Glass Pool Fencing at home

Aside from the usual information to highlight the importance of hiring fencing contractors in Brisbane, there are also specific things to consider for those that are looking into acquiring services for glass pool fencing in their homes.

Glass pool fencing installation would usually start with choosing the type of glass the customer would require or prefer.

Since Australia has regulations in place for pool fencing, make sure to hire glass pool fence installers who has knowledge about the specific standards. 

Along with choice of glass type for the pool fence comes the necessary considerations to be taken, such as:


  • Pool size – Swimming pools with bigger sizes than the standard one will have a lot of factors to be considered in terms of material availability that will be suitable for large pool fencing where glass fence panels with greater tensile strength is required


  • Fencing purpose – The type of glass that you will choose for your pool fencing will depend on the purpose of its installation. Sturdier, thicker glass panels are required for kids’ safety and security
  • Thickness of the glass panel – the standard thickness for glass panels ranges from 6mm to 12mm, but glass panels can be customized to be as thick as 18mm
  • Height and width of pool fence panels – Typical pool fence panels have heights at 1200mm and width can be based on client’s design specifications. Frameless and semi-frameless pool fence panels can have a width ranging from 1600mm to 1900mm
  • Quality of spigots – The overall quality of glass pool fencing will not only be determined by the quality of the fence panels, but also the overall structure of its hardware support. Higher quality of spigots will preserve the overall strength of the pool fencing installation
  • Customized glass panels – Pool structure that will require for glass fence panels to be customized to meet its design structure will usually cost more money than the usual glass fence panels.

But some fencing contractors may provide reasonable rates based on the overall pricing of the entire pool fencing project

  • Australian Standards – The glass fence panels to be used in pool fencing should be in compliance with the regulatory standard of Australia. 
  • Expert glass fencing contractor – It is necessary to not just hire any fencing contractor for glass pool projects, but to choose the experts in this type of fencing works.

Fencing works which are usually done on landscapes differ from glass pool fencing and so it will need an experienced installer to assure quality service is provided

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