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Top Fencing Contractors in Adelaide, SA

Top Fencing Contractors in Adelaide, SA

    Are you thinking of building a new fence in your property? How about repairing your existing fence? If that’s the case, hiring a professional fencing contractor would be wise.

    If you want a quality fence for your property, it is worthy of your time and money to get in touch with the top fencing companies in Adelaide. 

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    Different Types of Fencing Contractors

    Whether you’re looking for fence repairs or fence installations, there are many South Australian contractors that you can contact to do the job for you. Here are some of the types you might encounter:

    Aluminum Fence Contractors

    Aluminum fence contractors provide the most basic and hassle-free fences. Whether it is for a commercial, residential or industrial use, aluminum fence contractors offer reliable fence works with very little maintenance.

    Aluminum fencing is definitely an option worth considering, as its only maintenance will only come during its installation when you choose to paint and decorate it.

    There are multiple benefits that aluminum fencing can give. It is mostly known for its versatility. Aluminum fence contractors will design your fence specifically for your type of landscape, be it flat or sloped.

    Moreover, aluminum fencing is known to be cost-effective. If you’re under budget, there are many aluminum fence contractors in Adelaide that can offer you affordable services. In comparison to iron and steel, aluminum fences don’t require additional costs.

    There is no need for you to repaint or re-stain it, as is already manufactured with a pre-covered powder paint coating. Most importantly, it is guaranteed that aluminum fences are safe as it remains secure to the ground.

    Wood Fence Contractors

    If you are looking for long lasting fences with traditional aesthetics, wood is a great option. It can simply last a lifetime in your home.

    However, it all depends on the type of wood you choose, which is why it’s necessary to contract wood fence contractors who can give you their professional opinion and services.

    The benefits of wood fencing come in plenty. First, wood fencing products are widely known to be the cheapest fence installation.

    For a region like South Australia, wood is an abundant natural resource, which is why their prices are always low. Moreover, wood is very adaptable to any aesthetics you’re going for. This will make it easy for homeowners to ensure that their fences match their entire property.

    Wrought Iron Fence Contractors

    With elaborate planning and landscaping, wrought iron can ensure you top-notch security fences. Many schools and government buildings in Adelaide use wrought iron fences for safety and privacy reasons.

    If you are interested in improving your property’s security measures, then it is best to contact top wrought iron fence contractors.

    Moreover, wrought iron fence contractors guarantee low maintenance once these fences are installed. Wrought iron fences are strong, sturdy, and very manageable.

    They only need to be painted once every several years, and its durability is very resistant to South Australian weather conditions.

    Vinyl Fence Contractors

    Vinyl fence contractors in Adelaide will guarantee you one thing – vinyl is at least 5 times stronger than wood. Homeowners opt to choose vinyl for their fences because of its strength, durability and low maintenance.

    If these are the qualities you are looking for in a fence, then get in touch with the top vinyl fence contractors now.

    In terms of sustainability, vinyl fences can stand extreme weather conditions, and its maintenance is significantly cheap. Yes, even cheaper than wood or iron.

    That being said, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that the materials you will buy are also of good quality, which makes it necessary for you to be assisted by professional vinyl fence contractors.

    Chain Link Fence Contractors

    Chain link fence contractors can provide you with another cheap fencing option. Most commercial and residential property owners prefer chain link fencing because of its durability and affordability.

    You get the same amount of strength and visibility, but at a fraction of the prices to other types of fencing services. Due to its interlocked chain wires, its high level of security feature is preferred by airports, military bases, highway projects and correctional facilities.

    For additional security, you may request your chain link contractors to extend this fence to more than 3 metres in height.

    Chain link fence contractors can install this in no time compared to other fences. Once installed, nothing will be required from you, as the job is already done completely.

    Electric Fence Contractors

    South Australian properties can be a little tricky in terms of keeping away unwanted farm animals and wildlife. If your goal is to keep away vermin from your property, it is best to contact electric fence contractors.

    Electric fences will help protect your property, but will not cause any hides and pelts. To make sure that this is achieved, it is encouraged that you only let professionals do the job.

    Once professionals have fully installed electric fences in your property, more thorough maintenance should be followed. To avoid any problems, a daily check on the voltage is a necessity.

    Bamboo Fence Contractors

    Bamboo fence contractors can provide you a great alternative to traditional hardwood fencing. In terms of durability, bamboo fencing is extremely resistant to severe heat, cold and snowfall.

    It is also eco-friendly, which is why its popularity has grown rapidly over the years. Technically, bamboo is a type of grass that grows plentifully, which lessens the exploitation of lumber in wood fencing.

    This helps reduce global deforestation by taking advantage of this renewable resource.

    Moreover, bamboo is much lighter than hardwood, which makes its installation very easy. This will help you avoid additional labor costs. It only requires very little maintenance, as one only requires regular cleaning to make it look brand-new.

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    The Qualifications to Consider in Hiring a Professional Fencing Contractor

    When hiring fence contractors in Adelaide, you have to look at their skills and specialization. Do they fit the bill for your needs? Given how crucial it is to install a fence, you simply need the best person to do the job.

    Licensed and Competent

    National Codes of Practice and Australian Standards greatly cover fencing services in Australia. While it is not required for fence builders in South Australia to have licence, they will need to have a current building contractor’s licence.

    This is issued by the Consumer and Business Services. Moreover, the builder should have a Construction Induction Card (CIC). As with many other states in Australia, there are no minimum qualifications to be a fence builder. However, it is definitely a plus to have a competency standard AHCINF303A.

    This will give you the confidence that the service you will get will lead to quality fences.

    It is also important that your fence contractor is aware of the current fencing laws in South Australia. One of which is to have swimming pool fences be at least 1.2 metres high.

    There is a strict regulation that is being observed in pool fencing, as it mostly involves the safety of children around water. For that reason, a competent fence contractor will definitely recommend glass pool fencing, as it ensures top notch safety to children.

    Experience and a Wide Range of Services

    When a contractor offers you a wide range of services, it is a sign of their longevity in the industry. Along with these wide range of services are the years of experience they have garnered in mastering different techniques in fencing.

    That immediately shows that they are capable of understanding your needs, as they have already handled many clients in different, unique situations. Moreover, this will give you the chance to select a variety of options depending on your property’s needs.

    Whether if it’s for security fencing, or simply selecting the aesthetics between semi-frameless or frameless glass pools, this guarantees a thorough assessment on what your needs are.

    A contractor with a wide variety of services will also be able to advise you which fence suits best for your property.

    Even though property owners might have an initial idea on what kind of fence they’re going to avail, it is ultimately important to seek professional opinion from contractors.

    A good contractor will have a great understanding on how to meet your needs according to your budget, to what fencing options are available in the market, and to what your property needs.

    Takes Customer’s Inputs

    At the end of the day, it’s all about the paying customer. It is the customers’ wants and needs that have to be fulfilled, and contractors should be open-minded in taking customers’ inputs into consideration.

    A good fence contractor will not impose their ideas. They should sit down and brainstorm with the clients, suggest options, take the customer’s final word, and start developing a design.

    Customers should be involved in every step of the way, and fence contractors should be able to meet halfway with their clients’ needs. A good contractor will treat the customer as the boss, and will never be condescending with their own ideas against the client’s requests.

    A great way to check if a fence contractor is reputable is through customer reviews in their website, or if available, in their social media accounts.

    In an era where information is readily available, customers should take advantage of the opportunity to learn about different contractors, and seek other past customers’ experience in their services. Along with any other businesses, reviews from customers immensely matter.

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    The Do’s and Don’ts of Fence Repairs

    In order for your fence to hold its quality and strength, it is important to make occasional repairs. This should become a routine to property owners as a part of fence maintenance. Here are some do’s and don’ts that customers should consider in fence repairs:


    • Let a professional repair your fence. Never assume that you know any better than professionals just to avoid any costs. Most of the time, DIY repairs worsen the situation, making an even bigger costs for property owners.

    • Pruning back any branches that are growing near your fence is a must. This is a part of a preventive repair.

      Consider this as grooming your fence. Overhanging trees and branches will create a constant flow of water when it rains, which might result to damaging your fence.

    • When you have wood fences, it is mandatory to stain them every 3-5 years. Staining your wood fences will serve as a protection from external elements, and will ultimately extend its life.


    • Don’t wait for your fence to be completely damaged. Once you’ve noticed a small problem, have it fixed right away. The more you wait, the bigger the damage gets, and the bigger the cost might become.

    • Don’t plant anything near your fence. If you’re into gardening and planting shrubs in your property, make sure to have at least a metre of distance from your fence.

    • Don’t paint your wood fence. Paint traps moisture inside the wood, which doesn’t allow it to breathe. This will eventually make your fence brittle, and might cause irreparable damages in the long run. Always opt for staining and not for painting.

    Keep in mind that preventive repairs are better than problematic repairs. Fences are great investments for your property. Make sure that they are taken care of by professionals.

    HIREtrades can assist you to find a suitable fence contractor for your job.

    HIREtrades is your one-stop solution for all of your fencing installations needs. Hire professional fencing contractors across the Adelaide region!

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