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The Best Fencing Contractors In Adelaide SA

How do the best fencing contractors in Adelaide SA work?

Fencing contractors work in 6 stages. These stages will ensure the fencing contractors will not miss anything important. The stages of constructing a fence are described as follows:

Stage 1: Site Visit

The site visit will allow the fencing contractor to check the area where you want to build the fence. From here, the fencing contractor can come up with a fence design that can surely meet the property needs and style. They can also determine the right type of materials and paint to use.

Stage 2: Planning

Upon accumulating all the requirements needed for the fencing installation, the fencing contractor will immediately create a solid plan. This plan will cover the complete details of the fence design, breakdown of costs for the jobs included, permits (if needed), and other important tasks/details to complete the project smoothly.

Stage 3: Purchase Materials

Most of the best fencing contractor in Adelaide provide their own materials. This is to guarantee that they will meet the requirements stated in the Australian Standard. A good example is for the material’s finishing,  the regulation it needs to meet is under AS 3715. This cover both for application and pre-treatment.

But if not, the fencing contractor will consider the following factors to ensure getting the right finishing:

  • Size and type of building - residential or commercial;
  • The location where the fence will install;
  • The exact type of powder coating;
  • The fence distance from the salt water;

Stage 4: Preparation

The preparation mainly consists of cleaning the site. This will ensure that there will be no distraction when the contractors started installing the fence. But this is not only limited to weeds and rubbish removal. The preparation stage also does a thorough investigation to identify the exact location of all utility lines.

The preparation usually takes a day for new and undisturbed property. But if there’s an existing fence on the site, it will add more days to make way for the removal.

Stage 5: Fence Construction

This is where the main work begins. This stage will focus on the groundwork, shaping and conditioning of the materials, and building a stable foundation.

Stage 6: Final Inspection

The best fencing contractors in Adelaide are known for providing quality workmanship that guarantee long-lasting results. They maintain to achieve this by starting and ending the fencing installations with a detailed inspection.

For the final inspection, the task includes testing the stability of the fence and check if all the requirements are met with the highest quality.

How do you decide which type of fence to install?

The most effective way to determine the right type of fence to install is by determining its function. Are you installing it to provide security for the property? Or, you want an added safety barrier for your children?

Whichever your reason is you can assure that the best fencing contractors in Adelaide can deliver it. Here are some of the popular fences option that fencing contractors built and designed:

  • Animal fence (farm and pets)
  • Chain mesh fence
  • Garden fence
  • Panel fence
  • Pool fence
  • Post and Wire fence
  • Post and Rail fence

The materials commonly used for the fence are steel (e.g. wrought iron or aluminium), timber, and brick in-fill.

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