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Top Fencing Contractors in Melbourne, VIC

Top Fencing Contractors in Melbourne, VIC

    Do you want to install fencing to secure your home and property but don’t know where to start? 
    Save yourself the hassle and start looking into competent fencing contractors in Melbourne to help you with all kinds of fencing service. 

    Whether you only need to gather fencing quotes, need fencing supplies or fencing repair services, or require an entirely new fencing installation anywhere in Melbourne.

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    The Most Common Types of Fencing Materials

    Wooden Fence Contractors in Melbourne

    The most important part in getting a fencing installation for your property is choosing the type of fencing material to be used for the project.

    The materials should not just serve its purpose, but at the same time match your home’s exterior design and structure. 

    This list will mention the most common types of fencing materials that you can consider for your upcoming fencing job: 


    Aluminium fencing is considered to be the most basic and popular option in fencing construction. It is a common choice among homeowners because aside from its lightweight and durable material, it is also cheaper than other fencing material types. 

    Stability and security are both addressed by this type of fencing installation, enabling clients to maximize their budget and get the most out of their money.

    So if you are looking into cheaper but effective fencing options, contact an experienced aluminium fencing company to ensure that your fence is built for its purpose and value, with design and durability fused into one material.


    Vinyl fencing offers a sophisticated output for property enclosures with its sleek design. Although higher in cost compared to other fencing materials, vinyl fencing also offers multiplied durability and flexibility than other wood fencing material.

    Its ability to resist stains and paints makes its maintenance hassle-free. So although the initial cost associated with putting up vinyl fencing may be higher, the less-to-nothing maintenance costs will make this choice of fencing material a cost-efficient one. 

    The decision to choose vinyl fencing material for your dream fence should be consulted with professional vinyl fencing contractors to make sure you will surely have the value for your money’s worth. 


    Wood fencing is currently the most commonly chosen material for fencing projects. Aside from its design and structure giving an upfront homey ambience, the cost associated with its installation is cheaper than those of other fencing materials. 

    Wood fencing materials come in different sizes and wood types, giving the customer the wide array of options to match their intended fence design output. 

    Since most fencing work costs are dependent on the volume, quantity and quality of materials required to finish the job, clients can be flexible with their budget but still get the best fence for their property when using wood fencing.


    If you are looking for the strongest option for fencing materials, steel fencing may just make it to the top choice. Its powerful, heavy and long-lasting material makes it a practical choice for gates and protective barriers. 

    Steel fencing is also ideal for rough, uneven terrains and land areas, and are not easily susceptible to rusting when properly galvanized and powder-coated. Thus, maintenance works may come in cheap as well.

    Due to its complex and heavy material, consulting and hiring a professional fencing contractor in your area to help you with your steel fencing works, may just be the first step to get you on track. 

    Wrought Iron

    Wrought iron is the usual option for trendy and stylish enclosures used for residential fencing. Although they usually need maintenance works, its strong and beautiful material gives the homeowners its two-in-one design and structure benefits. 

    Most wrought iron fencing is custom-made based on the client’s specifications, making the fencing work more personalized. Customizations will give you the flexibility of choosing a style that will reflect the personality of the property owner.

    If you are a little flexible on your fencing budget, you may check with your preferred contractor to offer you the best wrought iron fencing service you require 

    Chain Link

    Much like aluminium fencing, chain link is a cheaper option for fencing projects. The material itself may not offer much privacy, however, it serves the basic objective of fencing which is property safety and security.

    This fencing option is common among schools and business establishments.  However, residential properties also utilize chain link fencing, especially for homeowners who prefer to grow flowers and shrubs near their fences. 

    Its effectivity when it comes to closing-off a property, its durability, and low-cost maintenance, makes this fencing option a practical choice for fencing installations

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    What Type of Fencing Material Should I Use (Pros and Cons)?

    Guide to Choosing from Common Types of Fencing Materials

    While security and privacy are the primary function of fences, choosing fencing materials should also be a top consideration. 

    Since fencing services differ in terms of the materials to be used to build the fence, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a specific material for your local fencing project.

    Aluminum Fencing 


    • Affordable, versatile, and durable
    • Requires very little maintenance
    • Works well on different land types like sloped landscapes and terrains
    • Comes in a wide variety of stylish designs and colors


    • Costlier compared to wood fencings
    • Does not provide the much needed privacy required for residential properties
    • It is not as strong as other fencing materials, like steel

    Wood Fencing 


    • Attractive and less costly
    • Versatile – comes in many different designs and styles
    • Its design can be customized, re-painted, re-sized


    • Requires extensive and expensive maintenance to maintain its quality
    • Weather conditions easily affects its quality due to easy rotting and warping
    • May be exposed to destructive infestations from insects like termites 

    Vinyl Fencing


    • Vinyl fencing material is sold is various designs, all of which are with affordable pricing
    • Durable and strong - deters rotting and blistering 
    • Installation is made easy due to its lightweight material
    • Most vinyl material contains an aluminium interior


    • This material is not cheap
    • Its strength does not match-up to those of other fencing materials
    • Its quality easily deteriorates when exposed to extreme temperatures

    Wrought Iron Fencing


    • Requires very little maintenance 
    • Works well with creative, customized designs
    • Its strong and durable material serves as an effective security measure, which lasts for a long period of time 
    • The patina in wrought iron brought about by oxidation is considered by some people as an added design to the material


    • Heavy material is difficult to handle and may pose challenges during installation
    • Most expensive among all fencing materials
    • Although not susceptible to rotting, deterioration may come in the form of rusting

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    What Are the Factors That May Affect the Cost of Your Fencing Project/Job?

    Price Factors of Fencing Services

    Deciding to have a fence installed within your property is an investment that needs extensive planning and budgeting. 

    To guide you in your plans to pursue a fencing project and consider the best fencing in Melbourne, below are the three main items that will likely impact the overall cost of a fencing project:

    • Fencing materials  Most fencing contractors will quote a price for a fencing service based on the materials to be used in the installation, as per the client’s order specifications.  

      In fencing works, the type and quality of the material will largely determine the overall costs of the project since most materials differ in size, design, structure and characteristics. 

      Usual pricing for fencing projects will differ depending on the volume of the materials to be used in specific fencing installation.

      It is then important to know the cost of the different types of fencing materials to anticipate the overall costs of the entire fencing job.

      Aluminium and chain link fencing 

      will definitely cost less compared to steel and wrought iron fencing.

    • Project Timeline  Hiring a contractor for your fencing solutions will not mean the job will be done overnight. Just like any contracting works, fencing projects may take days or even weeks to finish.

      The amount of time it will take to finish and complete the entire fencing structure will also influence the total cost of the contract.  Fencing jobs with tight deadlines are likely to incur more costs than those jobs completing in a normal timeline.

      This is usually because the contractor may have to allocate more workers and more time in finishing the installation, thus, increasing the overhead costs.

    • Complexity of the Job Not only will fencing contractors calculate fencing quotes through fencing materials and fencing project timelines, but also based on the level of difficulty of the fence installation process and the total size of the land area for fencing. 

      Fencing projects for bigger land areas will be more expensive than fencing works in smaller properties. There are also land areas with uneven terrains and slope structures that may complicate the fencing work and will entail additional costs.

      It will be highly beneficial to consult professional fencing contractors to know the alternatives of your desired fencing plan, and to anticipate the financial factor of getting a new fence constructed.

    The most effective strategy in getting the best value for your money in terms of fencing jobs will be to gather as many quotes as you can from reputable Melbourne Fencing, then decide who to hire for your fencing needs.

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    What Qualifications or Qualities to Look for And Remember When Hiring a Fencing Contractor in Melbourne?

    Qualifications of Fencing Contractors

    Not only should you look into the costing and budgeting of fencing projects, it is also important to check the professional background of the Melbourne fencing contractor you will be hiring for the fencing job. 

    What do we need to look for in a fencing contractor?  There are a lot of fencing contractors in Melbourne and choosing the best can be based on:

    Legitimacy to Operate (Professional License)

    In any type of business, licenses will be the usual proof that an entity or company functions in accordance with the state or country’s legal standard of operation. And this is of equal importance in the fencing business. 

    Since there are numerous fencing contractors actively operating in Australia nowadays, you need to make sure your fencing works are done by a licensed contractor. 

    Hiring a licensed fencing contractor will mean that the fencing services they are offering are in line with fencing regulations.

    Dealing with a fencing contractor with a registered and licensed business is necessary in making sure that the fencing services include a service warranty and insurance. 

    As the fencing contracting business becomes popular, there are only a few things that can separate one contractor from another.

    Cheaper pricing will usually encourage more clients. But we still need to make sure that our hired contractor is running a legitimate, licensed business, to ensure not just quality work, but also a legal transaction with outside contractors.

    Licenses will ensure that your chosen fencing contractor is compliant and aware of the regulations of building and construction of residential and commercial fences in your area.

    Experience and Customer Reviews

    If you are going to invest in hiring a contractor for your fencing services, it is important to deal with a company that has an established reputation in the market.

    It will not be hard to find a reputable and tested fencing contractor as they will likely be referred by regular clients. 

    Alongside with gathering quotes from fencing companies, it will also help a lot to invest in research and look into online reviews of your preferred fencing contractor.

    To consider hiring their services, not only will you need to check on pricing details, but would also need to ask some basic questions like:

    • What are the fencing services offered by this contractor?
    • Are they only operating in Melbourne or do they also have clients from other cities in Australia?
    • What are their customers’ reviews of their services?
    • How long have they been doing fencing works in Melbourne?
    • What is the extent of their fencing service experience?

    There is a reason why companies consider customer service and customer feedback an important part of running a business.

    Not only do customer reviews enhance company performance, but it is also a basis for most customers in considering a company for their needed service.

    Business Flexibility and Professionalism

    Other than experience, licensure, and reputation, it is also important to consider a fencing contractor that can conduct business professionally and with flexibility. 

    Although companies generally operate on a standard procedure, it will always be an exceptional bonus to deal with a fencing contractor that is considerate of their clients’ needs. Fencing contractors that are flexible in their business procedure can be a big plus. 

    Professional and reliable fencing contractors melbourne have the ability to resolve client concerns and fencing issues with the right attitude. Additionally, fencing contractors with a flexible business nature may be beneficial to clients in terms of:

    • Offering flexibility in contract payment options
    • Widely considerate in working with adjustments and changes in customer’s fencing requests
    • Providing extra services, or going the extra mile to complete the job, without any additional costs

    Fencing projects can mostly be technical business, but building a reputation in the fencing industry is not all about pricing and quality of service. How the fencing contractors deal with their clients will largely determine the market for customer referrals.

    Therefore, look not only into the professional experience and reputation of fencing contractors but also how they function and conduct their fencing business as an entire company. 

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    Tips on Maintaining the Quality of Your Fence

    Fencing Material Maintenance Tips

    The quality of fencing installations and how long it will last will also depend on the kind and level of maintenance provided by the owner.

    Although some materials are built to withstand deterioration for a long time, if totally left unattended, may eventually be susceptible to breakdown.

    Costs associated with fencing projects does not stop at the completion of the installation. It continues towards the monthly or yearly maintenance of the fencing structures. 

    To guide you in keeping your fences well-maintained and presentable, here are a few simple tips to preserve them:

    • Clean fences and get rid of any growing plants or vines – While other fencing materials, like chain link fencings, will look good with a few flower, plant and shrub additions, the same should not be done for all fences.

      Some fencing materials, like wood, can be highly exposed to molds.

      Cleaning and removing leaves and vines that may increase development of molds on fences, should be done regularly. Most of the time, cleaning fences by power-washing it is the easiest way to remove all the build-ups in the fencing material. 

      Although this can also be done through manual cleaning, jet washers and steam cleaners are an easy alternative for those who don't have much time to spend weeding out vines from their fences

    • Keep an eye on the wood – Although wood fencings are an easy option because of its design flexibility and affordability, property owners should consider it necessary to do a regular wood fence check-up. 

      Since most wood fencings are easy targets for termite infestation and cracking due to extreme weather changes, it is best to invest in monthly maintenance by repainting and oiling wood fences and constantly applying suitable treatments to repel insects.

      Maintaining your wood fencing on a monthly basis may seem costly, but compared to having to put up a brand new fencing installation, maintenance is the easiest way to go about it.

    • Work on minor repairs Don’t wait until your entire fence goes crumbling down before you do something about it. When you notice a loose nail, a broken post, or a cracked fence, fix them or have them replaced as soon as possible.

      Ignoring the minor fixes in your fences may eventually affect the overall durability of the structure and may cost you more time and money.

      Loose materials in your fencing installation, like nails sticking out of wood panels, may also pose dangers and hazards. So paying close attention to small repair needs in your fences will maintain the safety and security of your kids and your entire family.

    • Include the gate in your maintenance works  Most fences include gates as an entry point to the entire property. All gates are connected to the entire fencing structure, so maintaining your fences also means keeping the gate’s condition functional.

      Gate maintenance will mostly include re-painting, repair, replacement and lubrication of screws, bolts and hinges, and a constant check for corrosions and rust development.

      Not just painting and staining will maintain your gate and fencing, it will also enhance the appearance for your household exterior.

    • Avoid using chemicals as cleanersWhile promotional ads for generic cleaners may appear promising when it comes to cleaning household items or furniture, its usage may not be applicable to fences. 

      Fencing materials, especially wrought iron, steel and even aluminium may react negatively with chemicals present in household cleaners, and may speed up their deterioration process.

      So instead of maintaining their durability and extending their usage span, it may lead to damages in your fences.

      Most fences will not require a lot of substances for cleaning. Jet washers can effectively do the job of getting rid of unwanted elements in your fencing installations. 

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