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Hiring a Fly Screen Installer in Your Area?

There are approximately 62,000 insect species in Australia. Thus, a flyscreen installation is essential for your home since these pesky insects can cause real damage to people and properties.

Setting up flyscreens can be challenging, which is why you’ll need professional fly screen installation services. While there’s no lack of tradesmen offering this service, choosing a dependable fly screen installer can still be a daunting task.

A professional and dependable fly screen installer usually already has an established reputation in the flyscreen installation community. You can verify this by contacting their previous customers or other credible references. 

Moreover, you can also check if they use high-quality grade materials in installing flyscreens. It is also worth finding out if they have expertise in installing various flyscreens, such as outdoor flyscreens, retractable fly screens, sliding fly screen doors, and magnetic fly screens

This gives you an idea of if they can cater to your specific needs. You may also want to check some of their previous works. By looking at these details, you’ll get valuable insight into the quality of their work and delivery of services.

But at the end of the day, you’ll also want to know the cost of flyscreen installation. The price may vary extensively from one installer to the other, depending on their experience and location.

What Do Flyscreens Do?

For many Australians, the fly screen is an essential part of any home. Flyscreens can keep all undesirable pests outside the property, in addition to keeping out flies. This is crucial during the summer months when mosquitoes, flies and other pests and insects are prevalent.

There are also security-focused fly screens made of sturdy steel or alloys to prevent unauthorised entry into your house and prevent pests from entering. In addition, their hard-to-tamper net construction and frames help deter house burglaries.

Moreover, using fly screens around the residence allows for a natural movement of air. This natural airflow may help keep a home cool throughout the summer months, allowing you to spend less on utility bills.

Thus, fly screens have many practical health and safety benefits for every residence. Installing fly screens on all doors and windows in your house is a wise investment that will pay dividends in the long term.

Types of Flyscreens 

Standard Fly Screens

Standard fly screens are one of the most common flyscreen designs. It’s a flyscreen mesh stretched within a frame and kept in place with specific strips. The frame is usually attached to the window or turned into a screen.

While standard fly screens are usually fixed in place, you can still customise them to match your windows. These types of fly screens are cheap but only fit standard windows.

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Retractable Fly Screens

A retractable fly screen can be drawn across or down a door or window when not in use. The fly screen mesh is kept in a separate container, so it is not visible.

Invisible rails allow for the exact positioning of the retractable flyscreen. For awning windows, servery windows and other non-traditional windows and doors, retractable flyscreens are ideal.

Magnetic Fly Screens

Magnetic fly screens are ideal if you require a screen that stays in place but can be removed easily for cleaning. They attach tightly to the window frame thanks to a solid magnetic seal around the perimeter of the screen.

The magnetic fly screen is fixed in place, with no openings for insects or crawling critters to get through and works well for both simple and complex window designs.

You may easily open and close your windows by peeling back a corner of the fly screen. The screens may also be manufactured to fit oddly shaped windows like arched or circular windows.

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The flyscreen plays a vital role in every Australian home, especially during summertime. With the numerous functionalities and benefits it can bring you, installing fly screens is a wise investment in your family and property’s health.

So, don’t let just anyone handle this delicate installation. Trust only a reputable contractor who can make a flyscreen installation hassle-free.

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