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What To Look For in a Furniture Removalist

A furniture removalist can save you from a potential logistical nightmare – it’s their job to ensure that your large items, furniture and appliances are safe in transit towards your new home or workplace.

The question is – what should you look for in a furniture removal service? There may be some little things that you may not consider but will save you from headaches in the middle of the relocating process.

Below are some qualities that you should look for when hiring a furniture removalist:

  • Location – It will save you a lot of time, money and effort when you hire a professional removalist near your place of origin. Removalists usually charge from pickup of your items to delivery, so hiring local removals near the pickup location can bring down the total furniture removal cost.
  • A skilled full-service team – Moving furniture and other large and delicate items is not that simple. It requires certain knowledge in planning, logistics, packing, removal and disposal. Professional removal companies usually assign a full-service team to handle everything from planning to delivery.
  • Professionalism – You can always gauge a company’s professionalism in handling their customers right from the time you first engage with them. Miscommunications, errors in judgment and unethical practices are glaring signs that you should hire someone else.
  • Insurance – Accidents happen, but you can protect yourself from the damages. Make sure that your furniture removalist includes insurance in their package, in case of any unfortunate event.
  • Good customer reviews – Do your research online to check authentic reviews from past customers. From there you’ll have a good idea of how a company delivers their service.

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What Is Furniture Removal ?

Furniture removal is a logistical service that helps relocate large items – such as furniture and appliances – from one place to another. They are skilled workers that help ease up the moving process by taking care of picking up and delivering your valuable items, as well as junk removal and disposing of unwanted furniture.

Furniture removal companies take care of the packaging supplies needed, such as: boxes,bubble wraps, packing tape and other protective material. They handle the lifting and moving of heavy boxes, and meticulously plan their position while in transit to guarantee their safety on the way to your new home.

As they reach your destination, the furniture removalist will also be responsible for unloading your possessions carefully and thoughtfully. In a nutshell, a furniture removal service takes away a big chunk of stress on your part as they do the heavy work for you.

Get Quotes From the Best Furniture Removalist

To get an accurate quote from a furniture removalist, you need to be thorough with all the details of your relocation. As there are different ways of packing items depending on fragility and other considerations, there may be different rates for moving different types of large items, such as office furniture or home furniture.

Here are other details you should provide to get an accurate quotation:

  • Exact and accurate location of the point of origin and destination
  • Type of items to be packed and number of items, if possible
  • Type of rubbish or green waste to be disposed


If you need help in finding a removalist near you, check out the HIREtrades network of professional tradesmen all over Australia. HIREtrades is an excellent resource for a variety of services, including furniture removals, with numerous professional removal companies registered in the HIREtrades network.

Simply download the HIREtrades app, or visit the site to post the details of your relocation, and get connected to professional removalists who can help you.

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