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How To Hire a Local Garden Designer Near You

If you’re dreaming of having a beautifully-manicured garden or front lawn, a professional landscaper or garden designer is the best person to help make your dream a reality. It maybe tempting to design your garden yourself, but keep in mind that there are some areas where you need the help of an expert.

Garden design and landscaping requires a certain knowledge of plant life and experience in creating various design ideas. You may want to reach out to more than 1 professional gardener who can best meet your expectations

Things To Consider When Hiring a Garden Designer

There maybe various options for a garden designer or landscaper in your area – how do you know which landscape services best fits your needs? Below are some questions to ask when sourcing out who to hire for your garden design:

  • What is their design style? Are they modern or traditional? Does their style match your home’s overall aesthetic?
  • Do they have sufficient experience in a variety of areas? Check their past projects for variety – if they’ve worked on both indoor and outdoor gardens, front yards or backyards, and other indoor or outdoor spaces at home.
  • Do they have qualified and professional landscape architects in their team?
  • How much do they charge? Is it within a reasonable rate and can you afford their design services?

What Do Garden Designers Do?

A garden designer’s primary duty is to transform a plain or unattractive piece of land into a vision of beauty and peace by the use of plant life and creative design.

The first task that a garden designer must do is to survey the area and plan a design based on the area’s scope and limitations. Their landscape plan rendered manually (drawn by hand) or by using computer software. They make sure that all measurements are consistent to scale and that every idea they have is feasible. 

Next, they submit a cost estimate of their plans. If you have a budget, it is best to make it known so that your landscaper knows how elaborate they can plan your design that meets your budget.

Finally, they execute their design with a team of gardeners and other professionals who can bring their design plan to fruition. They monitor the entire project by doing site visits and quality control to ensure that everything goes according to plan and to get rid of any flaws in the design.

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Cost To Hire a Garden Designer

If you are convinced by all the reasons why you must hire a garden service company, you are probably worried about the total cost it would entail.

The total cost to hire a garden designer’s services ranges anywhere between $850 to $5,000 – depending on the size of the space and other details of the design. Remember that the smaller and simpler the garden design, the more affordable it is.

You must also remember that a beautiful garden immediately raises your home’s property value. The ROI of landscaping is worth the investment if you think about it this way.

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