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Many homeowners overlook the importance of garden maintenance that helps keep the garden thriving. If you lack the time to attend to your gardening needs or simply do not know where to start, a professional gardener can give you a hand.

What are the remarkable benefits of garden maintenance services?

  • Keep your family’s well-being in check

    A well-maintained garden creates a clean space for the house members. If you have children at home, regularly mowing the lawn and removing garden rubbish keeps pests at bay and provides them with a safe place whenever they play outside.

    Consider professional lawn mowing and gardening services to ensure the job is done efficiently.

  • Improves the aesthetic appeal of your home

    Garden maintenance services can add aesthetic and market value to your property. Regular cleaning and upkeep make the garden look more inviting and marketable, that is if you are planning for a home resale.

    A beautifully maintained garden is more functional as it enables the house members to spend more time outdoors. It becomes more useful, especially when you’re holding a family gathering or having a simple barbie.

  • Saves you time and money

    Gardening professionals have the necessary skills and equipment to handle all your garden maintenance needs. Enabling them to do the job gives you more time for your family and other important chores.

It makes financial sense to hire garden experts since they are more adept at cutting, mowing, trimming, pruning and cleaning. Minimal mistakes and disruption would incur low gardening services cost.

Different Types of Garden Maintenance Jobs

Garden maintenance services generally vary in cost and procedures. Whether you need to clean up the garden or control weed growth, a reliable specialist can assist you to ensure that all is properly taken care of.

Garden cleanup

Do you have a high or low maintenance front garden to tend? Regardless of its size, disposing of rubbish or garden waste makes the area less attractive to pests. A thorough garden cleanup can also prevent plant diseases from appearing.

While these problems are inevitable, ensure that you have your garden professionally cleaned. The gardening service typically includes raking, removing old soil and cleaning out plant pots.

Pruning and trimming

Pruning and trimming are effective in keeping the trees, shrubs and hedges healthy and in good shape. Pruning involves cutting off twigs and branches as well as tree roots. This technique is generally performed to protect the plants from diseases.

Trimming is mainly focused on the aesthetic improvement of shrubs and hedges. The process involves trimming the shrubs to form your desired shape and improve the overall appearance of the garden.

Weed control

Weeds hinder a plant’s growth, so ensure that regular weeding and gardening services are done. Mulching is one effective way of blocking the weeds from natural light and keeping them from sprouting.

Preventative measures such as growing a healthy lawn can help delay weed growth. Applying organic herbicide can also prevent weeds from emerging.


Garden slashing is a comprehensive process which uses garden maintenance tools such as slashers. It involves cutting down overgrown grass to reduce fire hazards, control weeds and deter pests such as snakes from making their home in your lawn.

If your lawn requires intensive maintenance, have a qualified gardener to perform the job. The use of a slasher tool demands experience so it has to be carefully handled by a professional.


Fertilising provides nutrients to trees, shrubs and plants. A garden maintenance professional is knowledgeable on the different types of fertilisers and how each of them would help plant species thrive in the environment.

Whether you choose organic or inorganic fertilisers, applying these nutrients will depend on your purpose. If you aim for root development, fertilisers with phosphorus elements will be more effective to use.

Garden experts know what type and amount of fertiliser should be used.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Gardening Services

There are things to consider when estimating how you will be charged for professional gardening services. To give you an overview of the expected amount to pay, ensure that you clearly define your requirements.

Type of gardening service

The scope of work will have a major impact on how gardening companies will price the job. Rubbish removal services, for example, may cost less than garden maintenance jobs including lawn mowing, weeding and fertilising.

Gardening products

Fertilisers and weed sprays such as herbicide typically have separate costs. The quality of the products may also influence the cost. Seek recommendations from garden experts to determine what meets your gardening needs and budget.

Labour and equipment

The hourly rate of the hired gardener will considerably affect the local gardening services cost. Further, the gardening equipment to use such as lawn mowers, loppers, saws, shears and trimmers can have an implication on pricing.

Change of season

Gardens may have varying needs depending on the current season. Tending the garden in winter may require less attention than summer or spring since plants go dormant in the cold months.

The availability of gardeners may affect the cost of gardening services.

Garden maintenance services may not require a comprehensive process but it pays to be careful when asking for written quotations. Have the details specified by the tradie to help plan your budget and avoid hidden surprises.

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