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Leaks can be potentially dangerous. Because of the inherent safety implications as well as for the warranty and insurance purposes for homeowners, the absolute rule is the task must be done by qualified and licensed technician. Any issue on either natural or LPG pipelines or appliances must be tested and fixed by qualified fitters.

They can safely and effectively do the task and provide maintenance and can perform top gas repair services . They can give homeowners tips and also do installation of related products such as meters, valves and regulators.

They perform other variety of tasks such as the following:

  • To measure and mark points where the appliance will be located

  • To read and interpret plans and drawings

  • To test and install pipes

  • To give the customers information how to correctly use and maintain equipment

  • To provide 24/7 service in case of emergencies such as a split pipe, leaking, and so on.

Here are some tips to detect possible leaks:

  • A rotten egg or sulphur smell. Natural gas is odourless and tasteless in its pure form. Utility companies, therefore, added a foul-smelling and harmless substance, mercaptan, to easily suspect the occurrence of even a small leakage.

  • A hissing blowing sound from or near pipelines or appliances. It is an indicator of a loose connection fitting, a cracked pipe or a failed seal, which is because of the pressurised pipeline or container.

  • Flames. An open flame can occur if a source such as pilot light or electrical spark causes ignition.

  • Discoloured or dead vegetation in the vicinity. This indicates a leak underground. Since this is lighter than air, it will rise above the ground surface once it escapes and damage the surrounding plants.

  • Dirt or dust blowing or bubbling in wet areas. This is still caused by a leaking pipe underneath the soil which can filter out the foul odour, making it odourless and unnoticeable. This can be very dangerous if left unchecked.

Gas Repair Contractors

Once you have detected any one of those signs above, consider the following actions:

  • Immediately leave the area and call the utility company to send an inspector or a technician to assess the issue.

  • Stop operating any electrical devices, using open flame like matches or lighters as these can lead to ignition.

  • Do not start a vehicle around the area as this makes hot exhaust or a spark to ignite.

  • Do not locate the source of leaking yourself but call for a specialists assistance to prevent any risk of fire.

After the problem has been identified, most homeowners hire professional gas repair contractors to examine the issue. To prevent this from happening, the best way is to check connections regularly as semi-annual. Through a vast range of trusted companies, experts deliver cost-effective and high quality results for safety and utmost convenience.

They guarantee that your requirements meet the financial plan towards excellent results.

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