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Automatic Driveway Gates

automatic gates

Houses and vehicles are among the biggest investments that one can make so protecting them is very essential. One best way to help keep them protected is to install automatic driveway gates . They will not only increase the safety of the home but also look great and provide easy access for the incoming and outgoing cars.

One of the top benefits of having an automated gate is that it gives the lasting impression that the property is not vulnerable to intruder attacks. Along with the rest of the fencing, the borders will be secured also and deter unauthorised intrusions, providing high security to the homeowners. It is also a significant measure that helps on securing the safety and protection of the vehicles against break-ins or auto theft. Another important role it serves is keeping the kids and pets safe.

They can run freely outdoors but still are safely contained in a secure area. It also offers high convenience with the use of a remote control to easily operate it to get the car in and out of the property. And finally, a well-designed and built automated gate can enhance the curb appeal of the house and increase its market value.

Automatic Driveway Services

Deciding on what type to choose is a big decision to make since this kind of gates are quite expensive to install and maintain. Thus, it is advised to engage professional automatic driveway services to help assess the needs of a homeowner and select the right option. There are many considerations to take including the following:

  • Opening size. It will the major factor in choosing the most suitable kind of gate. The wider it is, the more expensive it becomes and more problematic.

  • Space available. A property that is located on a large rural site with plenty of area can accommodate almost all types of gates. But in crowded urban or downtown locations, the choice becomes limited.

  • Speed. Different applications require various opening and closing speeds. A too slow operation to open and close can be a frustration and can encourage tailgating.

  • Duty cycle. The number of times it will be opened or closed each day has to be considered in selecting the gate operator. Operators designed for residential use can be intended to be cycled about a dozen times only or less daily.

  • Construction. An originally manual operation should not be simply transformed into an automated version. From the start, they have to be specifically designed for automatic model. Special kinds of rollers, bearings and other items can make a big difference in reliability and performance.

  • Power source. Some light-duty operators can work with standard electricity output, while most medium and heavy-duty will need more or three-phase electrical power.