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Top Glass and Glazing Services near You

A glazed window adds a pleasing aesthetic to any infrastructure. To ensure that you will be hiring only the best people for glass and glazing services, here are some qualities that you should look for. 

  • Technical Knowledge

    It is vital that the contractor has thorough technical knowledge about working with glass. It is best that whoever will work on this project has design and math knowledge to ensure that they select and quantify the correct glass and size required so there will be no on-site issues. 

  • Physical strength

     Glass windows are heavy. There might be a need for the contractors to carefully carry heavy pieces of glasses to thus having a physically fit body is necessary. 

  • Experience 

    Engaging a well-experienced contractor will minimise the risk of failure. Experience brings with it strong product knowledge, installation processes and being knowledgeable with different window glazing options. 

  • Licenses, certificates and registration

    Glazing exposes the contractor to high-risk activities., Ensuring that they have training, accreditation and certification to undertake the task will help protect the safety and well-being of all parties.

Moreover, the endorsement from friends and families is another thing that you might want to consider.

Also, ask the glass and glazing company for a portfolio so you will have a clear idea about how their previous projects, clients and work history help you to have a better understanding of your prospective contractor.

Different Types of Window Glass

Different Types of Window Glass

Window glasses help in conserving energy as it contributes to the loss and gain of heat around the home. If you are not sure which window glass type best suits your lifestyle, then understanding the different types of window glazing will help you decide. 

Annealed Glass (Float Glass)

Float glass is the basic flat glass product which is the initial result of the glass manufacturing process. It is the standard for home use. 


  • Has a strong surface strength which allows wind-load performance and thermal-stress resistance commonly needed for architectural application
  • Allows natural light to pass
  • Available in different tones and opacity
  • Budget-friendly


  • Breaks into sharp pieces which may cause injury during accidents

Toughened Glass (Tempered Glass)

A toughened glass is five times stronger than float glass. It is recommended for elevation windows or large feature windows. 


  • Safer than float glass when broken
  • Physically stronger than float glass
  • Advisable to be used in large areas
  • Available in different tones and opacity


  • Not advisable for solar control 
  • May show minor malformation

Laminated Glass (Safety Glass)

A laminated glass consists of 2 or more sheets of glass permanently secured together along with an interlayer to reduce noise and impact resistance.


  • Recommended for areas where noise reduction is needed
  • Interlayer minimises the risk of breaking which improves security
  • Laminated E glass reduces UV transmission 


  • Higher cost compared to toughened and annealed glass
  • Not easy to break in case of emergency

Toned Glass (Tinted Glass)

This type of glass is achieved by adding colouring additives to clear glass. It is advisable to be used in areas where direct sunlight needs to be restricted. 


  • Reduces heat and glare
  • Energy efficient 
  • Minimal reflection from the outside during the day which increases privacy


  • Reduces visibility
  • The interior of the house is more visible at night when the rooms are lit

Low E Glass

Low e glass has a thin, clear metallic coating which diminishes cold and heat transfer. It works similarly to insulation panels. 


  • Serves as an insulating glass
  • Available in various tones
  • Energy efficient
  • Can be integrated with laminated and double-glazed glass
  • Cheaper than double-glazed glass


  • May look blurry in some angles
  • Not ideal for solar control 

Double Glazed Glass (Insulated Glazed Units)

Double glazed glass is composed of two glass panels which are divided by a layer of argon gas and sealed after. It is ideally used in rooms where heat gain and loss control is needed. 


  • Serves as an excellent insulating glass
  • Energy efficient
  • Can reduce noise
  • Minimises moisture


  • Cost of a double-glazed glass is higher compared to all other glass types

Factors That Affect the Cost of Your Window Glazing Jobs

Factors that Affect the Cost of your Window Glazing Jobs

On top of the type of glass that will be used on your new window or door, there are several other factors that affect the price of the job. Here are some of them. 


The materials to be used in the project plays a major role in determining the window glazing cost. Some of the materials that are used include window frames, glazier points, rubber window glazing seals and a heat gun. 


Are you looking for a reglazing glass service? Or do you need to replace the glass that has been broken? Maybe you need new double-glazed windows and doors. The type of service you require dictates the overall cost of the project. Knowing what you need before calling a contractor is essential. 

Size of the Project

On average, glass and glazing may cost around $40 to $300 per square metre, depending on the type of glass to be installed. The larger the area is to be covered, the higher the cost. 

Before calling a contractor for a window glazing service, ask yourself these questions;

  • How soon do I need the project accomplished?
  • What design do I want on my windows? (Some glaze glass types can be customised based on your preference)
  • Why am I installing a glass window in the first place? Is it for security, privacy or energy-saving?

Once you have answered these questions and consider the factors mentioned above, you are ready to look for a local glass and glazing contractor. It is also best to check for promotions that may help you save money. HIREtrades can help you get up to 3 free estimates once you post a job on the website in just a few minutes. 

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