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Installing handrails around your home is necessary for safety measures – and for this job you need to contact a handyman or a professional handrail installer. A handrail installation requires a few considerations such as railing ideas and designs that match your property’s interior design. You will also want to ensure that everything is nice and sturdy to avoid any accidents that usually happen with a poorly constructed handrail system.

If you are researching handrail installation services, you’ve come to the right place. By the end of this article, you’ll have added information that will help you towards making an informed decision for your handrail installation project.

About Handrail Installation Services

The handrail installation process involves assessment of the area, recommending which handrail types work best for which area, submitting the cost, and ensuring a visually appealing and sturdy construction. Handrail installers must also be careful in following state building codes – a qualified handyman must be knowledgeable in this aspect.

Types of Handrails

Handrail types are classified mostly according to the material used. Below are the most popular handrail types that a staircase builder can use in your building project:

  • Metal handrails made from aluminium or steel are best for commercial and industrial staircases. They are known for their durability and are excellent for the safety of users. They also require very little maintenance and are very cost-effective to install.
  • Wrought iron handrails are more decorative in nature – because the material is malleable and can be manipulated to achieve more intricate designs. They are also very strong and stable, although can be more expensive because they are usually custom-made.
  • Wooden handrails are the most traditional handrail types – made out of oak, mahogany, cypress or other types of thick and sturdy timber. They are typically found in residential properties and are timeless in design.
  • Glass handrails may not seem to be a safe choice – but they are actually tougher than they look. There are a number of types of glass handrails such as clear, tinted, frosted and etched. Glass handrails are a popular choice for homes with a modern and minimalist aesthetic.

Choosing The Best Handrail Installer

Here are some important points to consider in choosing a handyman or handrail installer:

  • A good handrail installer must be familiar with a variety of handrail design ideas. Make sure to check their past projects or inquire about their specific areas of expertise. Some are more experienced in residential projects, some have great ideas for deck railing or pool fencing. Choose a handrail installer according to your exact specific need.
  • Transparency and communication skills are vital in every construction project. You want to work with someone who will give you their honest and expert recommendations to ensure that your money is well spent.
  • Insurances, licenses and other legal requirements should also be a priority. Professional handrail installation services must comply with the state building code and all other necessary documentation before they begin working on your project.

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