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Brick wall construction might seem like a simple job for others however it is important to engage specialists for this task. Hiring professional basic bricklaying services is necessary to ensure that work is done correctly and efficiently. 

Tradesmen hone their skills through proper training and experience gained from years of being in the trade. Bricklayers are usually associated with masons. They are actually different but related particularly as regards skill level. 

Laying bricks is a form of masonry and is a subordinate role compared to masons in terms of occupational range. The best bricklaying contractors deliver high-quality works involving concrete blocks, clay bricks, and other building materials. 

They do this to fully build infrastructures made from bricks as well as other components like arches and partitions. They also perform restoration work on the veneer of a foundation. 

Their expertise goes beyond bare hands and bricks. They also have to understand plans and specifications which are used as a reference for works that need to be done.

Also, mastery of certain tools and machinery is required such as brick cutting machines and damp-resistant materials to seal foundations. Other tasks involve maintenance and restoration of clay or cement bricks and blocks.

As such, these require knowledge in spreading mortar layers on various fixtures following different designs and shapes. Hence, engaging licensed individuals for your project is recommended.

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Professional Bricklaying Contractors

In Australia, trade licences for basic bricklaying profession vary from state to state. For instance in Western Australia, a minimum of two years experience in on-site training and three to four years of apprenticeship is necessary.

Specialists from the nearby area with proven results of precision and efficiency should be engaged to ensure high standards of craftsmanship from start to finish. Since the job sometimes entails working at considerable heights, tradespersons with certifications and teaching experience are preferred.

This additional level of expertise is especially important for jobs requiring operations in tunnels and shafts. An experienced professional bricklayer is expected to have the physical capability for on-site work, dexterity to carry out tasks outdoors and at challenging heights, excellent hand-eye coordination and the ability to work in a team.

Hiring the best specialists is critical to the success of your project. HIREtrades provides a wide list of professional bricklaying contractors. These expert bricklayers deliver high-quality results and guarantee that works done are fully compliant with Australian Standards for your safety and satisfaction.

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