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When planning to fence your yard, the design should include considerations such as privacy, security to children and pets, and protection from wild animals and burglars. Also, a barrier made from heavier material in some cases may shield the property and its occupants against harmful debris from cyclones, strong winds and unwanted noise. To ensure an efficient job, it is ideal to engage top fence installation services . These specialists can provide proper guidance about the most suitable type to use based on your budget and requirements. 

Here are the following materials and styles to choose from:

  • Aluminium. Powder coated aluminium fencing is a popular choice of homeowners because it is durable and requires very minimal upkeep. It is easy to clean and if well-maintained, can last for decades.

  • Bamboo. This material is an environment friendly, renewable option. Bamboo, although it is a grass and not timber, is fast-growing, sustainable and extremely stronger and harder than wood.

  • Chain Link. It is a low-cost, durable and classic form of wire based fencing. It has a variety of applications such as tennis court perimeter fencing, cricket practice nets and cages, factory enclosures to name a few.

  • Electric. This is an ideal, economical, long-term solution for containing animals such as sheep, cattle and horses. It is also a practical way to protect farm from feral animals and trespassers.

  • PVC. It is the most affordable alternative especially when compared to timber. Although not as strong as other materials, it is non-toxic, eco-friendly and customisable. Also, it is rust, rot and termite resistant.

  • Vinyl. Despite its high upfront cost, many homeowners pick this because it is superior to others in terms of strength, durability, need for upkeep and longevity.

  • Wood. Known to last for a lifetime, timber provides a superb sense of security and privacy. The overall expenses may vary due to the height of the structure as longer ones are more expensive and take more time to finish.

  • Wrought Iron. Although this provides less concealment and requires more maintenance, homeowners who prefer an aesthetic, ornamental material can choose this one. Metal is heated and bent to create the desired style.

Professional Fencing Contractors

Installing a fence in your front yard or backyard is a practical home improvement that adds aesthetics, improves security and increases the value of the property. Prices vary depending on the scope of the job involved. Generally, fees start from $65/m for simple tasks and may go as high as 82.50/m for bigger jobs.

To maximise this investment, seek guidance and enlist the services of professional fencing contractors . An installation may seem like a simple construction project. However, compliance with safety and environmental systems and other regulations by the local council, state and Australian Standards is mandatory. In some states, licences for fence builders are necessary. Also, certain local councils require approval of neighbours before commencement of the project.

Research your requirements, ask for recommendations and engage with qualified suppliers and installers. There is a vast range of trusted companies that provide a wide list of reputable tradesmen. These experts deliver cost-effective and high-quality results for your safety and convenience.

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