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Find Handyman Services in Sydney at around $45 to $60 per hour

From general carpentry to basic bricklaying, Handyman Services basically covers almost any repairs or fixes around the house. Here are more Jobs a Handyman can do:

  • Basic Fencing and Gardening Jobs
  • Basic Paving, Plastering and Tiling
  • Welding and Basic Concreting
  • Window and Door Repairs

 HIREtrades has a network of Handyman Experts ...

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Some of the Handymen charge on an hourly basis, while others provide the fixed estimates for certain jobs. If you need a handyman, read more here to know your budget.

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The cost of plastering for new homes may range from $23 to $70 per m2.

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Here are a few characteristics to check when finding the best handyman for hire.

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Here are the 14 tools that every handyman keeps on their tool kit. Read more to check what are those tools.