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Top Handyman in adelaide, SA

Handyman Services in Adelaide

Handyman Services in Adelaide

    From general carpentry to basic bricklaying, Handyman Services basically covers almost any repairs or fixes around the house. Here are more Jobs a Handyman can do:

    • Basic Fencing and Gardening Jobs
    • Basic Paving, Plastering and Tiling
    • Welding and Basic Concreting
    • Window and Door Repairs

     HIREtrades has a network of Handyman Experts and Businesses around Australia. Browse our suburb pages or simply post a job to our website.


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    There are more than 200 different Job Types in HIREtrades - all put together with the nearest service provider/expert all across Australia.


    Tips on Selecting the Best Handyman for the Job

    Make sure to get the Best and only the Top Handyman Services out there by keeping these tips in mind:

    • Know their Specialisation - hire a specialised handyman for a certain job
    • Check for Business License & Years of Experience - a legitimate and experienced handyman is always recommended
    • Confirm their Availability - a Handyman that can be called for emergency and back jobs is a plus
    • Location - consider the Handyman’s distance from your home

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        Handyman Job Cost Guides
        How Much Does it Cost for Plastering

        Plastering costs between $23 to $70 per m2, however, prices may change depending on many factors that affect the cost of the job.

        What Influence the Cost of Hiring a Handyman?

        The cost of hiring a handyman somehow depends on many factors including the labour cost, type of services and the location of the job.

        More About Handyman Services...
        How to get a licence for Handyman in NSW?

        In New South Wales, a handyman will require to obtain a licence if their work valued more than $5000. Get to know more about how to get a licence in NSW.

        Does a Handyman Need a Licence?

        Handymen can make a living even without a licence however if you wanted to broaden your skills and service, you might need licence.