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    Best Handyman Near Adelaide, SA

    Where to find the best handyman in Adelaide?

    With the numbers of handyman services across Adelaide today, finding handyman services is easy. All you need to do is know where the handyman usually posts their ads. The most common is on the internet. You just need to enter the type of job and preferred location, and it will give you the results.

    Tradie mobile application (e.g. HIREtrades apps) are also an effective platform to look for a handyman. In tradie mobile apps, you don’t need to find a tradie. You need to post the job instead. Once you complete filling up the form and submit, the tradie mobile apps will automatically match it with all the tradies registered on the app. This will allow all the handyman in the area (Adelaide) to check on it and give an estimated quote (if they want to).

    In HIREtrades, you can expect to receive 3 free quotes. If you are not satisfied, you can request for more quotations. The key to successfully find a handyman is to give specific and complete details. Attaching photos is highly recommended to receive a more accurate quote.

    Lastly, word of mouth. This is by far the most effective and reliable method to find a handyman. This is because you can get it from a trusted set of people like your family members, colleagues, and friends. Get as much handyman services as possible. This will give you sufficient idea on which of those handyman services has the best offer, quality and cost-wise.

    Which Adelaide Handyman services to trust?

    Researching is one of the ways to get to know if a handyman service is trustworthy or not. The important factors that everyone must look at are the company location, business licence, experience, and availability.

    Location is very important in finding a handyman because it can impact the cost they charge. In general rule, the distance between the handyman’s office to the client’s house will determine the additional cost they charge. Therefore, you must choose an Adelaide handyman service near you.

    The business licence is important as this will determine the legitimacy of the business. Aside from the business licence, the handyman should also have a copy of their National Police Certificate (no more than 12 months), copy of their Australian business number (tax purposes), and certificate of specialisation (if there’s any). Other licences that a handyman should have depends on the requirement of the local authority (per State).

    Look for an Adelaide handyman that have solid years of experience solving the same problems as you have. This will serve as an assurance that they can solve the problem efficiently. Also, they know the proper preventative care to apply to prevent the problem to recur.

    Lastly, check the handyman’s availability. Handyman in Adelaide has a different working schedule. This is important to know as this will ensure they can come when you need them. Some homeowner set it per weekly hour (45 hours a week), but there are some who set it per day (Monday to Friday). If you prefer a handyman who can work on holidays, weekends, and night you can highlight it on your research.

    The handyman jobs may be small and mostly minor jobs, but if it is done improperly this can still end up with a costly repair. Find a handyman that you can trust at HIREtrades!

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