How HIREtrades works for the Tradie

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  • 1. Register Your Business

    HIREtrades give you

    • Low cost local leads you can purchase on a ‘pay per quote’ basis or enter into a Subscription Plan to make further savings

    • A dedicated profile page which helps you rank higher in Google searches, showcasing your Business and reviews in the one forum

    • 24/7 business development partners

    We offer a free trial for Tradies to enjoy these benefits after which we charge a low annual membership fee. Which covers, but is not limited to, costs for creating and maintaining business directories, profile pages, reviews and other administrative matters.

    You can cancel your registration anytime.

  • 2. Create Your ‘Business Profile’

    This page is dedicated to your business. From this forum customers can discover more about you Upload a profile picture/logo, provide a business overview describing what you do, then add photos of your work so homeowners can see your expertise and quality. From here you can also set the area where you want to work.

  • 3. Get job leads

    View Local Leads

    HIREtrades magically match fresh Customer jobs within the area you nominate to work and send you the lead via email and/or a push notification on the HIREtrades app. In the digital age we recognise your needs for mobility.

    Accept Leads

    Each Lead will have the Customers job details, suburb and urgency of work. You simply click ‘Accept’ and are provided immediately the Customers details. You have a high chance of success with a maximum of 2 other companies competing - often you may be the only one pricing.

  • 4. Quote the Job

    Contact the Customer to price their job. You can ring, email or use the Apps messaging platform to communicate.

    Tip: Experience shows prompt communicators secure more work.

    You can request further information as required to provide them with a quote.

  • 5. Get the Job and a Review

    Get the Job

    If the Customer hires you, schedule the work and provide them with your most professional service.

    More Reviews = More Work

    After you finished and your Customer is happy follow them up to give you a positive review. Use these to enhance your reputation and as references for future projects.

  • 6. More Questions?

    Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page at