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Whether you own, or are looking at purchasing, a home or a business property, a competent building inspector providing complete building structural inspection services can assist you to make better decisions with your existing, or potential, property investments.

There are many qualities you should look for when hiring a building inspector. Some traits to consider are;

Skilled and Qualified

You should look for a building inspection services from a business with the skills, experience and reputation to give you peace of mind with their review. A professional who offers property inspection services has generally had years of experience coming from an industry background.

Qualifications, industry accreditation and local authority licencing should be prominent on your list of prerequisites in finding the best building inspector to suit your requirements.


A building inspector who has strong attention can identify issues that affect the structural integrity and foundation of the house. Problems in electrical and mechanical connections, as well as other technicalities involved, can easily be determined by these professionals.

During the consultation, you can ask about the status of the property you are looking to buy. Does it require comprehensive repairs or minimal changes? A complete building inspection report will give you an overview of the potential problems that may arise.

It will also help you determine what you need to spend on repairs and give practical recommendations before you make a decision.

Courteous and Well Communicative

Most residential and commercial building inspection service providers constantly communicate with clients during the course of the inspection. They have to give regular updates and keep buyers abreast of the condition of the property.

Consider building inspectors who have respect and good communication skills to obtain all the important evaluation details that you need to choose the best property to invest in.

You will know them by reading testimonials about their service and acquiring feedback from past clients. Do they exemplify professionalism? Are there more complaints than compliments? List down potential inspectors to hire and choose from there.

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Types of Building Inspection Services

Property inspections vary depending on your present need. If you are buying a commercial property, you would require a commercial building inspection professional to assess the structure. The one you will hire will be based on what the situation asks.

Pre-purchase Inspections

Pre-purchase building inspection is done prior to buying a property. The process involves hiring a building inspector to study the structural condition of the house or commercial property and make detailed evaluations based on the results of the inspection.

Whether you are a first-time or a seasoned buyer, you need to consult a reputable property inspection specialist to attend to your concerns. A complete pre-purchase building inspection report specifies structural (e.g. sagging floorboards) and cosmetic (e.g. paint application) problems, which can help in your negotiation with the seller.

Usually, if the seller does not agree to have these issues rectified, house pricing may be reduced. The presence of pests is also addressed when professional building and pest inspection services (e.g. timber pest inspections) are conducted.

Building and pest inspectors manage to take care of the process, including checking for signs of deterioration.

Pre-settlement Inspections

Pre-settlement inspection, on another note, is accomplished before the official transfer of documents and final payment takes place. It is usually done one week before the settlement period but can be reduced to 3 to 5 days, or a few hours.

The schedule of the pre-settlement inspection will depend on the number of repair works and structural amendments specified in the initial inspection report.

In terms of the inspection process, the building inspector and the buyer will double-check specific areas that have gone for repairs to confirm if the seller has addressed all the conditions indicated in the pre-purchase inspection report.

If there are underlying issues that have not been dealt with or new problems that cause damage to fixtures and appliances that have to be resolved, the settlement period may be postponed for another schedule.

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Completion reports are provided once all the defects have been properly addressed.

Why Building Inspection is Necessary

Conducting annual inspections is imperative if you have existing homes or buildings to maintain. For tenants, routine inspections are initiated by landlords and property managers to assess how rental properties are well taken care of and if maintenance is required.

For real estate buyers and investors, a property inspection is imperative to make the most of their investments. Experienced building inspectors carefully evaluate the house or the commercial property from top to bottom and provide a summary of building inspection report.

They work alongside their clients to ensure that every detail of the property is thoroughly checked to help them make wise buying decisions. These specialists also give practical advice to guide them in dealing with impending problems and alleviating the effect.

HIREtrades can help direct your property inspection needs to local building inspectors. Ensure that you clarify the important details of the job and choose a professional that provides proper building inspection services to protect your finances.

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