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Pre Purchase Building Inspections

pre-purchase building inspection

In pre purchase building inspection , a visual examination of all areas and structures of the property is conducted by inspectors who are also experienced and professional licensed builders. Following the inspection, an unbiased assessment of the house and its surrounding area is provided. Many believe that skimping on a building report will speed up the process of buying a home.

However, the service is essential for very important reasons cited above. Several factors affect building inspection costs including the details requested by the buyer, the complexity of the structure and its location, size of the property and whether it is located in a regional or metropolitan area. Including a pest inspection in the service will also incur extra cost.

Approximately, a standard four-bedroom home will cost around $400–$500 in a regional area and $800–$1000 in a metro location. Through a vast range of trusted companies, it is now very easy to find the best service guaranteeing that the property purchased is a safe and worthwhile investment.

Pre Purchase Building Inspectors

Hiring the best pre purchase building inspectors will bring the following major opportunities and advantages to buyers:

  • Checking structural integrity. One key requirement when making a purchase is a structurally sound building for safety and cost issues. Buildings must conform to the Building Code of Australia. If a non-compliant building is purchased, it is the buyer’s responsibility to make it compliant with the code.

  • Identifying unsafe areas. The inspector’s report will specify areas of the house that may not be safe to live in. These include missing balustrades, cracks in walls, presence of asbestos and other dangerous materials. Uncovering these hazards earlier will give the buyer opportunity to decide whether or not to take on the costs of making the home safer.

  • Budgeting for repairs. Properties that need to be repaired are usually sold for a discounted price. However, buying a property on sale without a thorough inspection is impractical. Undiscovered repair issues or pest infestations may potentially cost more money and inconvenience later on. Engaging a professional to prepare reliable cost estimates based on what needs to be done will give customers a better opportunity to manage their budget. Especially for renovations, an inspection is highly recommended.

  • Examining electrical wiring and smoke alarms. A pre-purchase building inspection will reveal faulty wires. These are dangerous and increase the risk of electrocution and fire. An insufficient number of smoke detectors installed in the building also multiply the chances of injury even fatality in case a fire breaks out.

  • Evaluating sundry structures. Other structures apart from the building itself also need to be examined. These include sheds, patios, pergolas or gazebos. Typically, local council regulations regulate how they are built hence compliance is necessary. An inspection will help determine whether a property is worth purchasing or not.

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