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Why Do Houses Need Insulation

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Residential insulation has become a trend in recent times. Incorporating roof insulation at a minimum is the first step a homeowner should take if one has plans to invest in solar panels, heat pumps or other green sources of energy. 

What does insulation do for your home? This guide will help you better understand the importance of having an insulated home.


Adding insulating materials at home can help you save money on energy bills. Your air-conditioner will be more efficient with energy consumption for heating and cooling.. If you want to know how insulated homes help save money, check out passive design insulation


With the correct amount of insulation, your home can minimise heat flow which will result in energy reduction. To maximise this, you should first install insulation on your external walls. Next, ensure that the roof is well insulated to limit losses through thermal conduction. 

Promotes healthy living

Having underfloor insulation can help minimise moisture limiting, or removing, theexistence of moulds. Mould is very detrimental to your health. Additionally living in an environment that avoids the extremes of heat and cold will increase your well being and quality of life.

Noise reduction

Most, if not all, insulation products absorb sound vibration. Having a well-insulated home limits outside noise, and also saves your neighbours complaining about noise emanating from your house.

Different Types of Insulation Service


Companies offer different types of insulation services and you need to know where to insulate based on your requirements. Though it is advisable to have your entire home insulated, doing so may not be feasible at a given time due to budget, or other, restraints. Also keep in mind that your local government mayset safety guidelines for home insulation. 

Below arevarious insulation installation services and advice on how does insulation work. 

Ceiling Insulation

Having perfectly installed ceiling insulation can keep your home stay warm during in winter and cool during summer. The roof spaceis where this type of insulation is installed. Generally, ceiling insulation is the first choice ahead of other types of insulation. 

Roof Insulation

The key difference between roof insulation and ceiling insulation is where it is installed. Roof insulation is done by adding insulation products on the roof space, just above and below the rafters. This is somethimes referred to as roof sarking. It is the installation of a thermoseal reflective roll which to the lay person may look like an aluminium foil.

Floor Insulation

To achieve thermal comfort at home an underfloor insulation may be desirable. Especially in a chilly winter the cold or draughts may rise through the floor. This is particularly the case with wooden floorboards in older homes. Various types of insulation are available from polyester rolls, to insulation batts, to extruded polystyrene panels. Every home is different and you need to consult an isulation expert to understand the best prioduct for your budgetl

Wall insulation

There are 2 main different forms of wall insulation. Knowing which of the two is best suited to your home is essential.

  • Internal wall insulation

    This is achieved by fitting insulation boards to the wall or by reconstructing a stud wall filled with insulation materials. It may reduces the overall floor area because of the thickness of the insulation installed. 

  • External wall insulation

    External wall insulation may be a better option.. Costs may be higher but it does not affect the floor area of your home. It is done by adding a layer of insulation materials on the wall and covering it with a render or cladding. You also have the option to redecorate your external wall with different facades.

How much does Ceiling Insulation Cost?

There are several factors affecting the total cost of a ceiling insulation. Costs of installation can range between $50 to $80 per hour and may vary depending on the size, materials used, R-value of the insulation product and more. 

Type of insulation

The material used for house insulation plays a major part in estimating the cost of the project. There are various types of materials available for insulating your home and your insulation expert can help you decide which is cost-efficient and has longer lifespan. 

Here are some materials that may be used for home insulation. 

Glasswool insulation

  • Cost effective
  • Non-combustible
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Compressed fibreglass may reduce performance

Polyester insulation

  • Durable
  • Non-allergic and non-toxic
  • Environment friendly
  • Cost more than glasswool
  • Melts when exposed to fire

Cellulose insulation

  • Cheaper than glasswool
  • Installation is more expensive
  • R value depreciates over time
  • Absorbs moisture easily

Rockwool insulation

  • Noise reduction capability
  • Fire and moisture resistant
  • More expensive than other materials

Sheep wool insulation

  • Non-combustible
  • Biodegradable
  • Noise reduction capability
  • Expensive


R-value is the unit used to measure the thermal resistance of an object. The higher the R-value, the more effective it is when it comes to managing heat flow. An insulation material with a higher R-value have a higher capital cost to start but pay for itself with future energy efficient savings.


If your ceiling has irregular ceiling joists, then the installer may have to do more customisation and cutting which can add to the total cost of the project. Also, the costs to secure and transport the materials to your home may add costs.

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