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Underfloor Insulation Services

underfloor insulation

It is ideal to engage underfloor insulation services to ensure that your home is fully insulated. If there are exposed floorboards on a suspended timber floor ,it accounts for about 22% of heat loss. But insulating it will help increase the ambient temperature of your house.

It is by preventing air draughts between boards, and by creating an air pocket under them that helps trap heat within the structure. It is typically done using the recommended R2.0 batts which are securely placed between the floor joists and then get supported with special staples or cement sheeting in high wind areas. In the case of uninsulated floors, the cold air underneath the subfloor permeates the wooden floor which is just 19mm thick. This condition combined with air leakage creates a heat sink beneath the home thus drawing out the heat from below. This is why insulating it is necessary.

To decide on what type of insulation that is needed, consider these significant factors first:

  • Energy efficiency rating or its R value

  • Acoustic performance: sound reduction capacity

  • Structural integrity of the material: better strength and rigidity

Underfloor Insulation Contractors

After selecting the correct R-value, professional installers will then calculate how many bales are needed. The coverage area varies with different types and grades. After which, they will follow these major steps on how to install floor insulation.

Step 1. Measure up the floor area to be insulated and the distance between the joists to get the exact area to be covered.

Step 2. Prepare everything ready by getting rid of dusts or cobwebs, cutting out and removing any old silver foil, and taking caution when cutting around electrical wires.

Step 3. Start installing from the back corner of the house and work their way up to the front. Get a pad that is 5-35mm wider than that of the space between the floor joists. Begin by squeezing the longer edge of the section against the inside of one joist. Then fit it hard up on the floorboards and compress the remainder hard against the other one. In cases where sections can be double folded, the fold can protrude below the bottom by up to 15mm. In fitting the next piece, but both ends together leaving no gaps and it must sit firmly in place without any creases. Through a wide list of trusted companies in Australia, finding the best underfloor insulation contractors is now very easy.

Critical tips to consider during installation:

  • If possible, insulations must be fitted behind electrical wiring.

  • Leave a 100mm clearance between waste pipes and the insulation for a room to access them later.

  • Have a 200mm gap for any light fitting under the floor.

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