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Roof insulation installation is common as this is part of the Australian government’s initiative for energy efficiency, it is required by law newly built homes. Aside from being a requirement, having it is valuable in giving households comfort and reduced energy bills.


  • Reflective.This works by reflecting heat or cold away from the area. It is often combined with bulk nsulation in some areas.

  • Bulk. It is composed of aluminium foil batting and foil sarking or foil boards. Its compact design makes it suitable for warmer climates. It is essential to keep it moisture-free to make it more effective. This is because heat or cold is prevented from escaping due to its tiny air pockets that serve as a barrier. It is made up of cellulose fibres. Some examples are:

  • Rock wool. This is also called stone wool, it is made from volcanic rock. It is fire-resistant and has great acoustic and thermal properties.

  • Polyester. It is an “itch-free” alternative and is mostly made from recycled polyester which makes it more environment-friendly.

  • Sheep wool.  The original material used for insulation and is still being utilised today.

  • Fibreglass. This is also called glass wool, this is a popular option that is mostly installed in the ceiling cavity.

Roof Insulation Contractors

Australia has a wide range of climates and weather patterns. Depending on your location, you may experience a very cold or hot weather in a long period of time. This makes it challenging and expensive to regulate your dwelling’s temperature. During the cold weather, 25% to 35% of heat is lost. Around the same percentage of heat again occurs during the summer, too. A well-insulated surface helps in providing a comfortable living environment by assisting the air conditioning system of your abode from the fluctuating temperature.

Home comfort will improve and electricity bills can decrease up to 30%. This work is messy, hard, and arduous. It is important to hire a professional installer who can accomplish the work efficiently and accurately. Most installation rates start at $32 per hour. Other expenditures will be affected by your chosen material. For instance, reflective sarking is among the cheapest options that cost around $99 for a 60mm by 1350mm roll.

With a wide range of trusted companies across Australia, it is now very convenient to hire the best roof insulation contractors . Experts will ensure you get the best value for your money and protect your investment in the long run.

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