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Decorating one's home is not just about having the right furniture and accessories. It also involves choosing the best design to transform one's space without structurally altering anything. Fabric interior designs can turn an ordinary setting into a sophisticated look that will last for years.

The main types are the natural and synthetic fabrics. Both materials have their own pros and cons and most homes have a blend of these two:

  • Cotton: A popular choice for everything from furniture upholstery to any sheets and curtains. It is a strong material, yet affordable and versatile.

  • Wool: It can be itchy and uncomfortable to the skin. But it is the most durable and strongest of all materials. It is also cozy and warm, perfect for carpeting and can last for a long time.

  • Silk: It is luxurious but costs more. This is great for items like oriental rugs or throw pillows. It tends to fade in direct sunlight over time.

  • Linen: This has a more casual, breezy and beach style vibe. It is ideal for stain resistance but prone to wrinkling.

  • Rayon: It is perfect for window treatments because it hangs well. It may shrink in highly humid environments.

  • Nylon: Similar to wool, it is resilient and long lasting. It is non-breathable and tends to be uncomfortable.

  • Polyester: This is often blended with natural fibers for upholstery use. It does not fade easily and can be difficult to clean.

  • Acrylic: It is a fine, soft cloth that can resist stains. It is ideal for draperies and is best blended with natural fabric for increased durability.

Fabric Interior Decorators

Fabric interior decorators often play with a variety of colour, texture and form to create the client's desired look. Their goal is to capture the homeowners’ personality and help them express it through the curation of different objects. This could either be a simple tablecloth on a huge dining table or a throw draped across an impressive looking couch.

Through a series of consultation, project specifics are discussed and clarified. Various materials are readily available to meet the exact needs and requirements of the client. If planning for home furnishing becomes a problem, a reliable company can offer relevant suggestions and recommendations as to what style will match your preference. These professional designers will help the client to achieve a design that fits the entire property.

Some considerations include:

  • Purpose of the space

  • Type of light in the room

  • Presence of pets and/or children

Once these details have been discussed and finalised, they can proceed on selecting the appropriate design and apply the finished look that works best for your home and lifestyle. Installing creativity to your home is viable through a vast range of trusted companies.

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