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Bathroom Designing Services

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Bathrooms are not only one of the busiest rooms in the homes but also considered to be the most expensive room to renovate. There are a plenty of various layouts and designs to choose from and a variety of fittings and fixtures to consider. There are also a number of licensed bathroom designing services available and the related Australian Standards to comply.

These are the reasons why it is necessary that home owners employ a professional designer whether they are renovating or building a new one. Interior design service covers many aspects. It includes direction and advices on layout options, colour schemes, tiles and tiling considerations, window coverings, lighting and accessory selection, and many more. The designers will bring ideas to reality and ensure that the room will be not just practical but is also beautiful and easy to clean.

They begin first by laying out individual functions in assessing ease of use. And before they start designing, they will ask some questions to determine how much storage space will be needed for storing all items. These experts in designs, installation and trade professionals will bring their wealth of experience, commitment and quality service for top results. More importantly, they are all insured to do the job guaranteeing a peace of mind to home owner all throughout the project phase.

Professional Bathroom Designers

Professional bathroom designers will create a room that perfectly suits lifestyle and budget. Whether it is a traditional or modern style, they offer a personalised design and construction service, all in one roof. Here are some handy advice from these experts to achieving the best results.

  • Tip #1: Selecting the base. Make sure that the surfaces of the house complement the colours that have been selected for bathroom’s surface. Choose an element as the focal point to set the tone, such as the vanity, a mirror or a featured tile. In considering layout, horizontal lines have calming effect and can make the space appear larger. Whereas the vertical ones are more powerful and seem to lift the height of the ceiling.

  • Tip #2: Colour and texture. In adding pattern on the floor, pick the same tones as that of the wall tiling so as not to overwhelm the surrounding area. And when it comes to palette, remember to consider all the elements, not just the tiles and paints.

  • Tip #3: Fixture and tapware. In choosing the shape of the fixtures, take into account the concept and style preferred. Square-shaped ones feel more modern, conservative and planned. While organic shapes are more free and unplanned. To resolve the entire appearance, copy the same look of the basin or bath and the accessories.

  • Tip #4: Styling layers. Put items that will reflect the owner’s personality. It can be the trays, containers, plants, or a storage which can add beauty to the space but still in a practical way.