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There are times in building projects when you need the help of joinery services for their specialised skill in woodworking projects. An expert joinery should not be hard to find, especially with the useful and convenient HIREtrades app.

Think of HIREtrades as your direct connection to professional tradies all over Australia. By posting the details of your project at HIREtrades, your project will be open to all qualified joinery professionals interested to work with you.

HIRETrades also allows up to 3 FREE joinery quotes to help you decide on whose joinery services is best to hire. Make sure to include all the nitty-gritty details when you post your project on HIREtrades to help joiners arrive at a more accurate estimate of the project cost.

There may be different costs for windows and doors, cabinet makers, or joinery services that also involve carpentry jobs. Making everything clear from the beginning may help you avoid costly surprises.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Joiner?

Hourly rates of custom joinery services vary based on skills and experience – although the average hourly pay range falls between $45 to $65 per hour.

Besides skills and experience – material may also affect the total project cost – hardwood timber requires more attention than MDF and is, therefore, more costly in joinery projects.

What Do Joiners Do?

There may be some confusion between carpenters and a joiner – both work in building and construction and are largely involved in working with solid timber. However, the major difference between the two is that a joiner, unlike a carpenter, is usually not involved with structural tasks.

A joiner – as the name implies – joins different kinds of materials together, such as different types of wood, wood and plastic, or wood and metal. A joiner works on these materials, after which they are given to a carpenter or a builder to be used in their construction.

Most of the tasks that joiners work on include:

  • Bathroom joinery – windows, doors, and cabinet fixtures in the bathroom.
  • Furniture-making – decorative accents or fitting pieces together to build furniture.
  • Kitchen joinery – kitchen cabinets and other storage spaces.
  • Shop and office fit-outs – custom joinery for specific areas.
  • Windows and doors – fashioning timber windows and door frames according to the building structure.

When Should I Call A Joinery?

Joineries are best for custom projects – specific areas in your home where ready-made materials don’t quite fit.

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They are the perfect tradesmen to call for renovations and remodelling projects wherein you desire something specially made for a specific area – cabinets of a specific shape or size, special windows or doors, or even a large staircase.

Joiners have specific skills that even experienced carpenters may not have – and in these cases, calling a joinery may help bring your vision to life.

Choosing The Best Joiner

Choosing a joiner boils down to experience, talent, and character. Here are the things you should look for in hiring an expert joiner:

A joiner with experience will have gained a lot of knowledge in special woodworking and crafting. It’s best to hire a joiner who has been in the business for a substantial number of years, as they can assure you of high-quality results that will last you a long time.

If you are planning to build something decorative, it’s best to hire a joiner who can present you with a lot of exceptional completed work. Ask for samples of their past projects to get an idea of their talent and style and if they’re compatible with your own.

You can never beat character when hiring any professional. Do your research on social media to read reviews on professional joinery and carpentry services. Online reviews are beneficial in helping us find a qualified professional who won’t disappoint you in the end.

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