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Kitchen renovation projects can vary greatly in size depending on individual requirements. It requires special skills and varied experience to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of the homeowner.

Renovating a kitchen is a comprehensive task. A qualified kitchen company must be well-equipped and trained before contracting renovation projects with potential clients. Here are the following qualities to check before hiring a kitchen renovator:

1. Holds appropriate licences

Whether you have a small or large kitchen to renovate, check if the kitchen renovator employs licensed plumbers and gas fitters, electricians, tilers and cabinet makers.

Always verify credentials to ensure they are registered builders and help secure your finances against fraud. You may consult the State licensing authorities to confirm the validity of their licence.

2. Possesses special skills

Most homeowners prefer custom kitchen designs and renovations when planning for a complete kitchen remodel. A reliable contractor provides kitchen renovation ideas to specifically meet your property and lifestyle needs.

Do you want a contemporary or modern kitchen style? Ask for a copy of recent renovation projects to determine what the kitchen company specialises in. That way, you can choose a tradie that suits your requirements.

3. Offers honest and reasonable pricing

Regardless of the size of the project, it is imperative to request an itemised quotation to help plan your budget. A reputable kitchen renovator will honestly provide reasonable quotes with no hidden costs.

Get quotes from different kitchen renovation contractors from HIREtrades to compare prices and find a Tradie that meets budget and your schedule. Your kitchen renovator must also be fully insured to cover incidents caused by property damage or third-party accidents.

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Cost of Kitchen Building Services

The scope of kitchen services varies from benchtop installation and cabinet making to resurfacing and assembling kitchen flat packs. Each type of work has varied costings as it requires a different process to accomplish the job.

General Kitchen Renovation

The cost of a kitchen renovation varies depending on the level of alterations and additions required. Whether it’s cheap or luxury, homeowners can expect to pay around $10,000 to $45,000 for a kitchen makeover.

Add more when structural changes are involved. This may include tearing down of walls, realigning plumbing pipes and configuring electrical connections. You will be charged extra for adding new appliances and installations.

If you’re looking at a cheap kitchen renovation, prioritise what you need. Buying new kitchen cabinets may add to your renovation costs. Before you dispose them, check if some can be resurfaced to save more money on other important features.

New Kitchen Construction

Are you planning to build your dream kitchen? New kitchen constructions can cost about $10,000 to $80,000. Materials largely determine how much you will be charged. The size of the kitchen also factors in the overall cost.

Whether you’re looking to expand your home or improve your property value, outdoor kitchens are a popular option. Some homeowners build outdoor kitchens to extend their cooking space and meet the growing needs of the family.

Consider major aspects, such as flooring, lighting, appliances, kitchen islands, benchtops and cabinetry, when constructing a new kitchen. These elements will impact the cost of your kitchen.

Kitchen Benchtop Installation

The cost of a new kitchen benchtop will depend on the type and quality of materials that you prefer. New installations can range from $100 to $3,000 per square metre.

For example, if you want a timber-made benchtop, then expect to pay around $550 to $1,600 per m2, including labour.

Removing your old benchtop may incur additional charges. The existing floor may require a few amendments to fit the new benchtop. This may add to your renovation cost.

Professional kitchen benchtop installers ensure the quality of installation and minimal disruption.

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Factors that Can Affect the Costs of  Kitchen Renovation

Various aspects come into play when estimating the cost of a kitchen renovation. Most kitchen experts recommend spending 15% of your home’s total property value to help maximise your investment.

Here are important factors to consider:

1. New vs Restoration

In terms of storage solutions, are you opting to replace your open shelving with closed cabinetry? A complete storage replacement may largely contribute to your kitchen renovation cost.

If some of your cupboards could be used and would only need refurbishing, you may spend lower than expected. Updating their look may include removing old doors, replacing cabinet hardware and repainting the surface.

This is applicable to other kitchen elements such as appliances, benchtops, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

2. Quality of Materials and Construction

The quality of materials used in your kitchen space influences the renovation cost.

Doing a low or mid-range kitchen renovation will cost you less than a luxurious kitchen makeover. Spending more on high-grade materials and furniture sets may cause the kitchen renovation price to skyrocket.

The quality of installation (e.g. affixing new cabinets) can affect how costly you will be charged for labour.

3. Kitchen Layout

In most cases, cosmetic changes cost less than a full-fledged kitchen remodel. Repainting the walls, cabinets and other features may cost a little in terms of labour and materials.

On another note, expect higher fees for major structural alterations such as moving the position of your doors and windows as well as building new walls.

New plumbing and electrical fixtures will also add to your kitchen renovation price. If you’re buying a new appliance or kitchen island, installing new plumbing lines and electrical wiring may be required.

Other factors such as your location and the scope of the kitchen renovation project have an implication on your pricing.

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Ensure that you choose a kitchen company that meets your requirements and delivers you the most value – this is not always the lowest cost!

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