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Benchtops, also called as countertops are very important part of our kitchens. They are used for everyday tasks, food preparation and they even affect your kitchen’s overall look. They have to be both durable and beautiful looking. That is why a professional is needed in order to have the right one for your space. There are various materials, colours and finishes available to suit the preferred style and personal taste. It can be blended with the existing things in the area or a contrasting feature. Its thickness varies but is typically around 3-4cm. In order to achieve what is expected, it is ideal to engage professional kitchen benchtop installations . Top installers will take everything into account such as cut outs for your sinks, stove tops and tapware to give the best results worth your expectations. Through consultations, waste of time and money will be avoided. The professional will always consider the available financial plan.

Kitchen Benchtop Designs

Famous designs:

  • Laminate: popularly known for its hard wearing property, affordability and flexibility in design; available in simple solid colour to patterns that resemble timber. It also offers huge range of textures. Extra care is needed though in using it because it is difficult to repair once damaged.

  • Granite: this material is very hard and less porous than marble. It has a natural pattern that can vary in each slab so select the slabs you want first before installation. It should be resealed regularly to maintain its beautiful surface.

  • Solid timber: it is warm to touch and is timeless. In order to protect it from deteriorating, it is sealed with either a polyurethane or wood oil. An oiled wooden benchtop gives a matt finish that requires regular recoating while polyurethane to provide a high gloss surface.

  • Acrylic composite: made with natural minerals which can be moulded into any shape. You can have a long seamless benchtop with it and can even be used for splashbacks and sinks. It is very easy to clean and offers endless design possibilities.

  • Stone composite/Engineered Stone/Quartz: composed of approximately 95% stone powder or crushed stone and 5% binding agent. It is highly durable and can withstand high temperatures. It requires low maintenance and gives a uniform patterned sheen.

  • Stainless steel: often found in commercial kitchens but is now more fashionable in domestic settings. It can be cleaned easily and is ideal to place around the stove. Being a soft metal, it is prone to scratches.

  • Tile: it offers a unique kitchen benchtop design that is both affordable and durable. It is more common in country-style themes but is also used to design a contemporary theme. Epoxy grout may be used for added durability.

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