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Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets

resurfacing kitchen cabinets

If your kitchen surfaces look old and tired and you want to renovate on a tight budget, resurfacing kitchen cabinets is a great option to consider. It is a simple process of putting new surface over the existing ones to transform its looks for a small cost. It has become an ideal choice for most homeowners because of its significant benefits including:

  • More convenient: it is a less time-consuming option than replacing your cabinets which can be messy and costly. Having it resurfaced on the other hand causes very minimal disruption that does not last for long. Since your cabinet framework is not being torn apart, your cooking space will remain in good working condition.

  • Huge savings: it costs less than a replacement. If your cabinetry does not need any structural alteration, you can have a fresh look by resurfacing it. If your budget would allow, you can opt to have new doors and drawers installed. Or you can decide to also add specialty mouldings for a more attractive design.

  • Wide variety of choices: since there are many materials and stain colours available, you can surely find one perfect for your kitchen. You can select from traditional to a more modern style and combine it with the right colour to customise the finished look.

  • Increase your home’s value: an updated kitchen will add to the overall appeal of your house. Should you consider selling it, potential buyers may be willing to purchase your home at a much higher price.

Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinet Services

There are two ways to do the service. One way is by laying a thin sheet of a material over your old looking cabinetry, benchtops or splashbacks. These sheets are made available in different colours. Another method is having a stain or paint coating applied; this can also be used on your appliances. This new coat must be applied if the surfaces have been thoroughly prepared and cleaned.

Home owners can choose from many colour choices to suit the design of the kitchen. You can choose from many colour choices to suit the design of your kitchen.The overall cost depends on the products used and the size of the job. It is estimated that the price you are going to pay is barely half the amount you will spend to replace the existing cabinetry because there is no need to pay for the removal of the old cabinets and installation of new ones.

Unlike a renovation, it is unnecessary to hire plumbers or electricians for this job. With a wide range of trusted companies across Australia, finding the best resurfacing kitchen cabinet services is now very easy. Experts offer reasonable charges for quality services with highest Australian standards and apply the best products to any type of surface to achieve the finish that home owners will surely love.

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