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Choosing the right tradesperson is the first step to having your dream kitchen. However, poor tile installation is unsightly and may also cause major maintenance problems. There are various options available. From tiled floors to walls and splashbacks, there are a wide range of possibilities to consider. A featured tiled wall is a great way to refresh and accentuate your area. There are various shapes to use such as square, triangular, hexagonal or diamond. It is highly recommended to hire professional kitchen tilers to obtain the best results with high standards.

When it comes to types, there are popular considerations that can be opted such as:

  • Ceramic: the most common since it is affordable and easy to install. An application of liquid glass coating makes it scratch and stain resistant. It is available in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs.

  • Glass: it is composed of thin individual pieces or mosaic. It can be used on the floor but is mainly designed for splashback. It is harder to install but adds elegance and beauty to your kitchen.

  • Stone: it gives a natural and stylish look. It can be utilised for floors, walls and splashbacks. However, it requires regular maintenance and is more costly than ceramic.

  • Vinyl: it allows you to achieve a high-end, sophisticated style at an affordable price. It can resemble other looks such as real wood, natural stone and even ceramic tiles.

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Before installation, the surface must be prepared completely. The following are steps for proper tiling:

Step 1: Apply a good amount of adhesive and smooth it over the floor while spreading enough to cover the whole area.

Step 2: Install the backer board and make any adjustments while the adhesive is still wet. When it is in the right place, screw it into the flooring by following the set grid.

Step 3: Lay the tile by using spacers as a guide. Start with one row all the way across and another one perpendicular to the first. Laying the tiles before setting them provides a good estimate of how many you will need.

Step 4: Lift one piece then follow the first step above until you have installed all the pieces. After tiling is done, finish by applying grout and scrape off any excess with a float.

For those who do not have the time or skill to do the do-it-yourself approach, it is better to engage professional kitchen tiling services . Proper consultation is being provided. Through a reasonable price, your demands will be followed and the needs will be met. As with any type of flooring, tiles need proper care and each has different requirements. With the help of skilled trady with comprehensive knowledge, the result of the project will surely suit your personality and lifestyle.

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