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Why Hire a Professional Kitchen Builder in Melbourne

Why Hire a Professional Kitchen Builder in Melbourne

    If a custom-designed kitchen is what you're looking to have, then you may want to consider getting the best kitchen builder in Melbourne. Not only do they promise to meet your project requirements based on the agreed schedule. But they also strive to use the best products and innovative techniques to satisfy your needs.

    Whether you have a small to medium sized kitchen or a narrow cooking and dining space, there’s nothing to worry about. No matter what type of arrangement you have, a professional kitchen builder is able to work around the available area with less hassle. You can trust them to recommend local manufacturers to provide top-calibre materials for the project. In some cases, they supply and use their own products to guarantee overall durability.

    What are some important factors that determine the kitchen improvement cost?

    Building a new kitchen can be a pain in the pocket. If you have difficulty organising your budget, your kitchen expert can guide you in cost planning. However, if you’re willing to spend a fortune on your kitchen space, you still have to consider what constitutes the overall building expenses.

    Aside from the size and style of your kitchen area, prices will vary depending on the labour and installation process. Other factors to check are:

    • Kitchen flooring. The type and quality of flooring materials that you will install will have an effect on the total costings. Will you be using vinyl, hardwood or laminated products? Your choice of floor materials will also depend on the activities that you usually perform in the kitchen.
    • Kitchen cabinets. If you want a unique cabinetry style that aligns with your personal taste, expect to pay a larger amount for that. The best kitchen builders in Melbourne have dedicated cabinet makers and joiners to create fully functional storage solutions for your cooking and dining space.
    • Kitchen appliances. Buying a new cooktop, microwave oven and fridge can cost a lot. Other appliances such as dishwashers and extractor hoods also make spending higher than usual. The brand quality is a huge consideration so be wise in managing your budget.

    To get to know how much will you need to pay for building a kitchen, renovations and more visit our Kitchen Services Cost Guides

    How To Find The Best Kitchen Builders In Melbourne

    Melbourne locals understand how tight the competition is when looking for a reliable kitchen expert. While it may be tempting to hire a tradie by just reviewing company reviews alone, you get to know more about them by asking relevant questions.

    Are you a member of MBA, HIA and CMA? Not only do the best kitchen builders in Melbourne participate in different industry groups around the State. They also register under renowned associations such as the Master Builders Association, HIA Kitchens & Bathrooms, and the Cabinet Makers and Designers Association. By becoming a member of these groups, they allow themselves to grow their skills and widen their knowledge in the trade.

    Do you have an appropriate licence? In Victoria, the Building Commission is the authority responsible for licensing kitchen builders and other related trade professions. If you’re hiring a kitchen builder, check if they are a Registered Building Practitioner (RBP). This is particularly crucial if the building or renovation cost exceeds $5,000. There are also classes of licences to verify before agreeing with the tradie. Make sure to check if there are restricted jobs specified in the licence to ensure your property’s safety.

    How long have you been servicing the Melbourne region? Industry experience matters a lot when choosing a trusted kitchen designer and builder in Melbourne. Beautiful custom kitchens won’t be realised without their expertise and skills. Do they apply the latest kitchen design features and use the most innovative materials for every project? Are they able to create a kitchen that fits your desired outcome and stands the test of time? You can also ask for a copy of recently accomplished works to see if they’re able to meet your standards while staying within the budget.

    Whether it’s the indoors that you want to focus on or you desire to build an outdoor kitchen, see that they have the necessary requirements to carry out the job. Your choice will either make or break the process so be careful!

    HIREtrades is your one-stop solution for all of your custom kitchen needs. Get the best kitchen designers and builders, Melbourne-wide!

    If you are a customer: Post a job now and get quotes from professional kitchen builders who give the best value for your money.

    If you are a business: Register your business now and let the customers find you!

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