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If your lawn has grown bountifully and has not gone through maintenance for a long time, consider professional lawn mowing services. Hiring a qualified lawn mowing specialist saves you time and increases the chance of having beautifully maintained turf.

Here’s what you should be looking for in a lawn mowing service provider.

  • Skilled and Experienced

    Mowing the lawn should not be taken lightly. Improper mowing can result in unhealthy growth and yard problems.

    While you can simply use a lawn mower to carry out the job, a mowing specialist is more adept at providing grass cutting services.

    Has the company been offering lawn care and maintenance services for several years? Carefully verify if the lawn mowing specialist has sufficient experience to perform a highly satisfactory job.

  • Equipped with Advanced Equipment

    Professional lawn care providers have the necessary tools and machines to accomplish the job quickly and efficiently. They invest in high-quality lawn mowers and other lawn cutting equipment to meet your garden maintenance needs.

    Many lawn mowing specialists do not regularly maintain or sharpen their tools so ensure that you choose a company that gives importance to equipment maintenance.

    Confirm how often they keep their lawn mower blades sharp and effective.

  • Prompt and Reliable

    A reliable lawn and garden care provider prioritises your time and convenience. Are they quick to respond to urgent needs? When looking for a potential tradie to hire, consider a lawn mowing specialist who is polite and considerate.

    Determine how well your local lawn service providers communicate with homeowners. Do they receive positive feedback from clients?

Always check online reviews to understand what their clients have to say about their mowing services and work ethics.

Types of Lawn Care Services

Lawn care and maintenance services vary depending on the need of your turf. Growth problems may require the lawn to be fertilised to help it grow healthily and maturely in the coming years.

Here are the different types of lawn care services to consider.

Lawn Irrigation

Just as regular watering is an essential part of instilling growth to newly planted yards, proper lawn irrigation helps in maintaining its health and ability to thrive regardless of the season.

Traditional watering methods (i.e. watering by hand) are less costly but lawn sprinklers are often installed to make the process easier and more convenient.

A professional lawn care provider knows how much water is required for the grass to flourish. Daily watering is usually not advisable as you might water the weeds instead of grass.

Lawn Aeration

Soil compaction is a common problem among gardens. Lawn aeration helps in creating small spaces for lawns to breathe air and absorb water to reach and strengthen the root system of the grass.

Raking the soil is usually done to ensure that your lawn receives enough air and water so as not to hinder growth. Garden rakes, lawn aerator rollers and aeration sandals are typically used to create holes and promote growth.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing service professionals make use of lawn mowers with sharp grass blades to perform the job well in a short period of time. They keep the standard mowing height of grass to help prevent weak roots and drought problems.

Lawn cutting is done to maintain your lawn once every two weeks or when the grass begins to flourish. Lawn care experts will tell you how frequent a grass mowing service is necessary to keep it looking good and healthy.

Lawn Fertilisation

Giving your lawn proper nutrients through regular fertilisation keeps it growing and thriving. If the turf stops growing, consult a professional lawn care provider as to what type of fertiliser to apply.

While some people are born with green thumbs, it’s always safe to rely on the knowledge of your local lawn mowing services specialist to take good care of your lawn.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Lawn Mowing

There are aspects to consider when estimating how much lawn mowing services will be priced.

Size of the Lawn

Lawn mowing providers typically measure the total size of the lawn to calculate the cost of service per square metre. Hourly rates are also incurred for labour, not to mention the equipment and materials used.

Frequency of Lawn Service

How often you will require a tradie to mow the lawn can have an impact on how much you will be charged. A lawn mowing service done fortnightly may incur lower fees compared from a twice-per-year service.

The higher the length of the grass, the more difficult it will take to complete the job.


The type of equipment your local lawn cutting specialist will use can affect pricing. If you have a large-sized lawn to mow, you are more likely to use more advanced equipment including ride-on mowing for a quicker and more precise job.

Additional Services

Lawn mowing costs separately from lawn irrigation, aeration and fertilisation. These lawn care routine services will incur extra rates due to the amount of time needed to accomplish the job.

HIREtrades can help you to obtain up to three free quotes from local lawn mowing service providers. Choose the best specialist that suits your needs and budget requirements.

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